Ollie is a victim of his own success

Peterborough Panther Ollie Greenwood has been struggling for points this season.
Peterborough Panther Ollie Greenwood has been struggling for points this season.
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Peterborough Panthers rider Ollie Greenwood is a rider struggling for points and a victim of his own success rolled into one.

The reigning British Under 19 champion has endured a tough start to the current campaign.

And he believes a shortage of time on the bike has not helped him in his quest to turn around his form.

Greenwood has previously combined Premier League racing with riding in the lower-level National League.

But he has now found himself squeezed out of the third tier of the sport due to his performances last season and the introduction of a lower points limit for team building.

Greenwood admitted: “It can knock your confidence when you are having a hard time and it makes it even more difficult when you only race in one league.

“I have always had the National League to fall back on in the past to keep myself sharp and keep winning races.

“It is a shame that I have been left without a place in that league now. It feels like I shot myself in the foot by doing too well last season.

“I’ve only had two proper seasons in the National League so it is not really fair that my average pretty much excludes me from it.

“I would definitely be open to any offers that came in from the National League, but I don’t really expect any because of the average.

“I’ve just got to focus on getting things right for Peterborough and I do feel as though my form is gradually turning around.

“I know I can score points and win races in the Premier League, but it is not going to happen in every ride.

“I think I’m riding in the tougher of the two reserve berths as well at number six, but that’s just the way our team is structured.

“I’ve made a few changes to the motor I use at the Showground because it was too flat before and not giving me enough speed.

“I’ve felt quicker lately and done okay in the last couple of home meetings.”

It is a situation which does not sit well with Panthers bosses.

Promoter Ged Rathbone believes more should be done to ensure young riders like Greenwood have the opportunity to race as much as possible.

Rathbone said: “The National League should be there for the development of young riders, but I feel it has moved away from that and become just a Third Division.

“There is a real fear that if Ollie were to lose his places in the Premier League he could be lost to the sport.

“That is a reason why we are so determined to stand by Ollie and give him all the help we can.

“He is showing signs of steadily coming back into form and that is what everyone wants.”