SWANNY’S WORLD OF SPORT: Over-promoting a coach and other rugby union problems

Rare running action from England's World Cup defeat by Wales.
Rare running action from England's World Cup defeat by Wales.
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Peterborough United found out the hard way what happens when you over-promote a coach.

But at least they acted swiftly when the realised they were in a terminal downward spiral.

England rugby is lumbered with hapless Stuart Lancaster until 2020 thanks to the most ridiculous contract offer in the history of sport.

Lancaster has had four years to prepare for a World Cup on home soil and he clearly still has no clue as to what his best team is or what their tactics should be. It’s simply embarrassing.

Lancaster, and the blazers who appointed him, should be ashamed that a Welsh team with far fewer natural resources and an injury list longer than one of Usain Bolt’s legs could beat them from 10 points behind with 15 minutes to go.


There were 53 points scored in the England v Wales group game and 45 of them were delivered by big boots. Admittedly kickers Owen Farrell and Dan Bigger were admirably accurate, but the game was won as much by a referee’s interpretation of the laws as it was the skill of the players. The whistle blows constantly in rugby union which makes it tough to watch for those of us who are floating viewers.


There was a point late on in the England/Wales game when the clock took 15 actual minutes to get through four minutes of playing time thanks to endless stoppages for players who can’t trundle about for longer than an hour at a time. Utterly boring.