SWANNY’S WORLD OF SPORT: Hartley’s appointment is a national disgrace

New England rugby union captain Dylan Hartley.
New England rugby union captain Dylan Hartley.
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There isn’t a lot that Dylan Hartley hasn’t done in his rugby union career.

Illegally making contact with the head of an opponent? Check.

Illegally making contact with the eyes of an opponent? Check.

Elbowing an opponent? Check.

Punching an opponent? Check.

Kicking an opponent? Check.

Calling a referee a cheat? Check.

No spitting as far as I could see, but Hartley is only 29 so there’s still time to complete the most offenseive charge sheet.

Hartley is lucky he’s not served time in prison so he’s remarkably lucky that he’s now been appointed England captain.

His supporters say he is a great leader which is sort of true as I guess he’s often first off the field into an early bath.

Hartley’s promotion to such a privileged position is a disgrace. It will be a disaster waiting to happen, like Donald Trump winning the US Presidancy. It’s like making Lee Tomlin captain of England’s football team.

His opponents are certain to spend 80 minutes trying to goad Hartley in more stupid indiscretions. Thet have a great chance of success I reckon.