RESULTS: City of Peterborough swimmers were first-class visitors to Guildford

City of Peterborough Swimming Club were trophy-hunting again last weekend.

Thursday, 12th April 2018, 12:49 pm
Updated Thursday, 12th April 2018, 12:51 pm
Matt Gray and Poppy Richardson of COPs receive the top Visiting Club Trophy.

They attended the Guildford Long Course meet (50m pool) and returned home with the Top Visiting Club trophy after finishing second to the hosts in both men’s and women’s categories.

Herbie Kinder swam with great focus and competitiveness across all of his races, Harriet Salisbury smashed her 800m freestyle PB and Jessica Shaw, who is only just 13, showed great long course race skills and produced fast times ahead of the Regional Championships at the end of May.

COPS head coach Ben Negus said: “We competed against clubs outside of our Eastern Region and were dominant. Our swimmers raised their game against new peer competition.

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“I’m really pleased with our progression at this meet. It shows we have plenty of strengths, However, it gave a good insight into addressing our weaknesses too so the coaching staff will be looking at that over the next few weeks to really fine-tune the squad for the upcoming regional and national championships.”

Men’s match: 1 Guildford 1155pts; 2 COPS 639pts; 3 Bromley 415pts; 4 RTW Monson 235pts; 5 Sevenoaks 208pts; 6 Barnes 125pts; 7 Havant & Waterlooville 123pts; 8 Bracknell & Wokingham 117pts.

Women’s match: 1 Guildford 1146pts; 2 COPS 555pts; 3 Sevenoaks 352pts; Bromley 202pts; 5 Shiverers 190pts; 6 RTW Monson 168pts; 7 University of Bath 147pts; 8 Havant & Waterlooville 123pts.

COPS podium finishes:


1500m boys 14yrs: 3rd George Whiteman.

1500m 16yrs: 1st Henry Pearce.

1500m 17 yrs: 1st Jamie Scholes; 3rd Harry Whiteman.

200m back 15yrs+: 1st Jamie Scholes (18); 2nd Herbie Kinder (16).

Boys 400IM 16ys: 1st Herbie Kinder; 2nd Henry Pearce; 3rd Matthew Rothwell.

Boys 100m breast 15yrs+: 2nd Tom Wiggins.

Boys 400IM 17yrs: 2nd Harry Whiteman.

Boys 200IM 15yrs+: 1st Tom Wiggins; 2nd Herbie Kinder.

Boys 200m free 15yrs+: 1st Jamie Scholes.

100m fly 10-14yrs: 3rd Connor Walker.

100m fly 15yrs+: 2nd Hary Whiteman.

200m fly 10-14yrs: 3rd Connor Walker.

200m fly 15yrs+ 2nd Herbie Kinder; 3rd Harry Whiteman.

50m back 14yrs: 3rd Connor Walker.

50m back 16yrs: 2nd Matthew Rothwell.

50m back 17yrs+: 1st Jamie Scholes; 2nd Matthew Grey.

100m back 15+: 1st Jamie Scholes; 2nd Matthew Grey; 3rd Harry Whiteman.

16 year boys 400m free 16yrs: 1st Henry Pearce; 2nd Herbie Kinder; 3 Matthew Rothwell.

400m free 17yrs: 1st Jamie Scholes.


800m free 14 yrs: 1st Harriet Salisbury; 2nd Olivia Lee.

800m free 16 yrs: 1st Kenzie Whyatt.

800m free 17 yrs: 3rd Poppy Richardson.

50m back (via year age): 2nd Ella McGhie (14); 1st Eve Wright (15); 1st Rachel Wellings (18); 2nd Emma Leslie (17).

200m fly 15 yrs+: 1st Mia Leech (16); 2nd Poppy Leech (17).

100m free 10-14yrs: 2nd Harriet Salisbury.

100m free 15yrs+: 1st Kenzie Whyatt.

200m breast 15yrs+: 2nd Amelia Monaghan.

100m back 10-14yrs: 2nd Ella McGhie.

100m back 15yrs+: 1st Rachel Wellings; 2nd Emma Leslie; 3rd Eve Wright.

200m back 10-14yrs: 2nd Ella McGhie.

200m back 15yrs+: 2nd Eve Wright; 3rd Emma Leslie.

100m breast 15yrs+: 3rd Amelia Monaghan.

50m fly 13yrs: 1st Jessica Shaw.

50m fly 16yrs: 3rd Mia Leech.

50m fly 17yrs: 1st Poppy Richardson.

400IM 13yrs: 2nd Jessica Shaw.

400IM 14yrs: 1st Ella McGhie; 3rd OliviaLee.

400IM 16yrs: 1st Amelia Monaghan;.

400IM 17yrs: 3rd Lauren Harrison.

200IM 15yrs+: 1st Amelia Monaghan; 3rd Poppy Richardson.

200m free 10-14yrs: 2nd Harriet Salisbury.

200m free 15+: 2nd Kenzie Whyatt.

100m fly 10-14yrs: 3rd Jess Shaw.

100m fly 15yrs+: 2nd Poppy Richardson.