RESULTS: BMX queen Leah is unbeatable in Braintree

Peterborough BMX Club riders Leah Pearson and Liam Arnett were in superb form when the East Summer Series kicked off at Braintree last weekend.

Thursday, 12th April 2018, 7:00 pm

Both were unbeatable in their categories - Pearson in the combined cruiser and Arnett in the male 9yrs - as they won all three of their motos (heats) and their A finals.

Elsewhere George Fox was second in his A final, Luca Smith showed promise on his race debut and Joseph Carey (12yrs) did well riding up an age group.

Round 2 is hosted by Peterborough on 29th April with racing from noon.

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Peterborough BMX Club results: Male 7s Jools Carey: Motos 7-4-7; B final 6th; Jacob Ellis: Motos 5-5-7; B final 4th; George Fox: Motos 1-1-2; A final 2nd; Caiden Thompson: Motos 6-3-6; B final 3rd; Male 8s Luca Smith: Motos 5-6-6; B final 4th; Male 9s Liam Arnett: Motos 1-1-1; A final 1st; Male 10s Harvey Putland: Motos 2-2-1; Semi 4th; A final 5th; Bradley Goulding: Motos 3-6-5; Semi 7th; B final 6th; Alfie Thompson: Motos 5-4-4; Semi 6th; B final 3rd; Jazz Newton: Motos 6-4-4; Semi 7th; B final 2nd; Male 11s Jordan Stringer: Motos 7-5-6; C final 5th; Male 12s Owen Putland: Motos 1-3-1; Semi 1st; A final 2nd; Male 13s Joseph Carey: Motos 3-3-2; Semi 2nd; A final 6th; Male 14s; Maciej Stodolak: Motos 5-2-6; Semi 5th; B final 6th; Daniel Arnett: Motos 4-6-4; Semi 6th; B final 5th; Tyler Holt: Motos 4-5-5; Semi 7th; B final 8th; Male 16s Tyler Holt: Motos 3-4-1; Semi 5th; B final 1st; Combined Cruiser Darren Putland: Motos 2-2-3; Semi 4th; A final 7th; Paul Maidment: Motos 2-1-2; Semi 2nd; A final 8th; Jacob Elkin: Motos 6-5-3; Semi 7th; B final 4th; Leah Pearson: Motos 1-1-1; A final 1st;