PACTRAC dream becomes a reality as over 100 juniors try their first traithlon

The Peterborough Schools Traithlon Championships were a roaring success with 113 stars of tomorrow finishing the Stanground Academy Course.

Monday, 8th July 2019, 12:26 pm
Calleigh Coull won the 11-12 year-olds race and received her trophy from Jonathan Oakley. Photo: Steve Hope.

The event was organised by top local club PACTRAC and officials were thrilled to see their long-held ambition of organising a school event finally come to fruition.

PACTRAC chairman Roger Canham said: “I was at the finish line and to see those kids coming over the line full of smiles was a joy.

“Over 100 kids did their first triathlon which was amazing. What we have given those kids is priceless.”

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Elizabeth Eames won the 13-14 year-olds race. She's pictured with PACTRAC junior star Jonathan Oakey.

Club junior coach Simon Hoppe added: “So many people played such important roles in delivering such a successful event, but two people are worthy of special praise.

“Sam Fielding and Terry Murphy did most of the ‘heavy lifting’ and were amazing throughout. Without their expertise, work rate and commitment, it would not have been the same event for sure

“But it was also a really great team effort, with every one pulling together to provide the best possible experience for the kids.

“The aim is to continue the event for many years and to create a real legacy for the sport in this area. We all know as triathletes, what a positive effect the sport has had on our lives, in terms of health, fun, discipline, integrity and instilling the value of hard work, which all translate very well into other areas of our lives.”

There were five age groups for boys and girls and they raced over a variety of distances in blazing heat. There was only one finisher in the male youth race for 15-16 year-olds.

In all 10 races the leader out on the run first, held on to take the overall win which belied the close competition.

In the four events for the youngest runners the top three competitors all finished within a minute of one another.

PACTRAC’s Calleigh Coull and Evander Wishart both made good progress on the bike and came home in top spot in the 11-12 year-old races.

In the Youth race Jude Hinch had it all to himself, but nevertheless put in a great performance, while amongst the girls, Georgia Pluke was over a minute down in the swim, but rallied back to take the lead on the bike.

In both of the races for 13-14 year-olds, third place was only just over two minutes behind the winner, with again PACTRAC’s Elizabeth Eames and Safford Hewitt-White taking the honours.

Star PACTRAC junior Jonathan Oakley made the presentations.


7-8 year-olds: girls - 1 Anna Blake 6.08, 2 Tessa Rutherford 6.13, 3 Sophie Alliston 6.27; Boys - 1 Aaron Sunakaran 6.00, 2 Jos Walker 6.15, 3 Jasper Neal 6.26.

9-10 year-olds: girls - 1 Elana Walker 9.37, 2 Mathilda Simpson 9.43, Katie Blake 9.52; boys - 1 Ben Alliston 8.14, 2 Joshua Ratcliffe 8.50, 3 Theo Wan 9.07.

11-12 year-olds: girls - 1 Calleigh Coull 12.12, 2 Rose Bell 15.32, 2 Grace Corney 16.39; boys - 1 Evander Wishart 11.20, 2 Joseph Lewey 12.14, 3 Luke Cumbridge 12.52.

13-14 year-olds: girls - 1 Elizabeth Eames 16.11, 2 Libby Mellor 17.13, 3 Penelope Baxter 18.34; boys 1 - Stafford Hewitt-White 14.38, 2 Joshua Martin 15.04, 3 Lewis Wiles 16.47.

15-16 year-olds: girls - 1 Georgia Pluke 21.10, 2 Isabel Ilett 23.43, 3 Irini Mouzoures 24.20. boys - 1 Jude Hinch 16.48.