Incident which forced cancellation of Peterborough’s Great Eastern Run was false alarm

Police have confirmed that the suspicious incident which forced the cancellation of the Great Eastern Run was a false alarm.

Sunday, 13th October 2019, 4:46 pm
Police in Alexandra Road, Peterborough, where a man was seen acting suspiciously. The Great Eastern Run was cancelled because of this incident. Picture: David Lowndes

Cambridgeshire’s assistant chief constable Dan Vajzovic who was one of the runners waiting to take part in this morning’s event (Sunday, October 13) said it was the right decision to cancel the race.

The police statement said: “We were called with reports of a man acting suspiciously in Alexandra Road, Peterborough this morning which ultimately resulted in the Great Eastern Run being cancelled.

“We take all calls extremely seriously, even more so in light of recent events across the country, and as a result a major firearms response was launched. “Following a comprehensive investigation it is believed that the witness was acting in good faith but has misinterpreted what was seen.

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“We would like to thank the public, the race goers and the organisers of the Perkins Great Eastern Run for their patience and support today.

Assistant Chief Constable, Dan Vajzovic was among the thousands of runners ready to take part in the race.

He said: “I was one of the runners who had spent months preparing for today’s event. I was ready to go and looking forward to the challenge. I know that the cancellation will have been incredibly frustrating for all those involved.

“However, it was the right decision for the event organisers (working closely with Police colleagues) to cancel the race. Public safety is paramount.

“I will be back next year, looking to achieve a personal best and I hope all the other runners will be too.”