Hans allowed home after horror crash, but healing will take time

Peterborough Panthers captain Hans Andersen has begun the next stage of his recovery.

Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 1:02 pm
Hans Andersen in action for Panthers.

The Danish racer is recuperating from a horror crash in the city club’s defeat to Ipswich at the East of England Arena 10 days ago.

Andersen tangled with visiting rider Cameron Heaps and was out cold for over 10 minutes before being rushed to Peterborough City Hospital by concerned paramedics.

He underwent two CT scans before he was allowed out of hospital earlier this week.

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Hans Andersen.

Andersen was allowed to return to his native Denmark today (July 10) to be reunited with wife Christina and young sons August (6) and Noah (3) – although it was a lengthy process by land and sea with doctors prohibiting him from flying.

“I’ve had crashes through my career and broken plenty of bones, but I don’t think I’ve ever hit my head this hard before,” said Andersen.

“I’ve found it very hard to keep track of time and it’s felt very strange – almost as though I’ve been outside my soul watching my life going by without living it.

“I’ve needed a lot of rest and I can’t thank (friend, manager and former Panthers promoter) Mick Bratley and his wife, Pauline, enough for the way they have looked after me since I came out of hospital.

“I’ve felt a lot better since the weekend although the doctor said on Tuesday that there are still signs of concussion which is why they won’t let me fly.

“But it is great to be able to get home on the ferry to my wife and two boys. It’s obviously much easier to keep in touch with your family these days through things like FaceTime, but it’s even better to be able to be with them.

“I’ve looked at the calendar, but I’m not really in position to say when I might be back on a bike. I’ve just got to take it one day at a time.”

Andersen’s fractured thumb has been placed in a cast while a torn right eardrum will heal itself over time.

“The thumb shouldn’t be an issue,” added Andersen. “I could move it a bit before the small cast went on and it should heal fine.

“The torn eardrum will also sort itself out. It’s annoying rather than painful as I feel like I’ve permanently got water in my ear! It’s been affecting my balance as well as my hearing, but things could have been so much worse.”