Wow! Frankie goes 0-60mph in less than three seconds

Champion drag racer Frankie Fordham.
Champion drag racer Frankie Fordham.
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Regularly topping speeds of 80mph, Frankie Fordham is one of the fastest teenagers in Europe.

Already in his fourth season as a drag racer, Frankie is becoming a regular on the European circuit . . . and he is only 13.

Frankie Fordham in action.

Frankie Fordham in action.

After taking up drag racing at the age of just nine, Frankie entered the UK Junior Dragster Series just a year later, finishing the season only one place outside the top 20 young racers in the country.

Since then, the progression of the youngster from Bourne has witnessed a rapid rise up the rankings. Not only has Frankie impressed on home shores but he has also taken Europe by storm since entering competitions on the continent only a year ago.

In Clastres, France, Frankie reached the quarter-finals of the competition on two separate occasions. Yet he really stepped on the gas in Germany, stunning the junior drag racing circuit with victory at Bad Sobernheim. The youngster described the experience as “incredible and this is where my European career really took off.”

Frankie ended the year competing at Santa Pod Raceway, a holy grail of European drag racing. He reached the semi-finals of the National Finals and also the final stages of Junior Fun Day.

This year will see Frankie enter his fourth season of racing in a second dragster, a 500cc one cylinder methanol engine, which is capable of doing speeds of 0-60 mph in less than three seconds, an eighth of a mile in seven seconds and hitting top speeds over 80 mph. To put it into perspective, Frankie can cover more ground in three seconds than several brands of Ferrari production cars.

2019 will begin with new sponsors supporting Frankie in what he describes as a “huge year” for his progression. Sponsors include EDF Motorsports, Adrenalin Clothing, Zero Limits Carbon Fibre, CSP Detailing System and Royal Purple Oil.

With an exciting meeting at Hockenheim ahead, Frankie adds: “The support of the sponsors spurs me on further to get some race wins and I am particularly looking forward to racing in Hockenheim with a huge audience of race fans.”

And the teenager has big, and fast, ambitions for the next two years, preparing to enter the Super Comp class that will see Frankie double his speed to 150 mph.

Despite his tender years, Frankie’s stock continues to grow with over 13,000 fans on social media. You can track his progress via Frankie Fordham Motorsports on Facebook and Instagram.

This young man is going places . . . and fast.