MERIT TABLE: Big ton for Dunn, six of the best for Davis

Bob Dunn (146) and Andy Johnson (113no) scored heavily as Castor seconds hammered Hemingford Park by 202 runs in Hunts Division Four last weekend (July 1).

Wednesday, 5th July 2017, 10:26 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:46 am
Castor centurians Andy Johnson (left) and Bob Dunn.

Castor piled up 314-2 in their 45 overs. Hemingford made 112 in reply.

Debutant Vidit Matta struck 90 on his debut for Peterborough Town thirds in a three-wicket Division Two win at Ickwell. Bob Milne made 48 as Town chased down Ickwell’s 234-5 with one ball to spare.


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Vidit Matta cracked 90 on his debut for Peterborough Town thirds.

B. Dunn (Castor 2nds) 146

Z. Maqsood (Huntingdon 2nds) *140

A. Hulme (Stamford) *116

A. Johnson (Castor 2nds) *113

Vidit Matta cracked 90 on his debut for Peterborough Town thirds.

T. Williams (Stamford) 110

B. Smith (Cambs) 106

Q. O’Connor (Bourne) *104

N. Bradbury (CAMRA) *101

G. Hook (Burghley Park) *101

D. Haynes (Wisbech) 91

V. Matta (Peterborough Town 3rds) 90

M. Thomas (Easton-on-the-Hill) *89

I. Ahmed (Alconbury) *88

B. Hussain (Oundle) 88

J. Harrington (Ufford Park) *87

I. Bonsall (Sawtry) *83

M. Underwood (Ketton 2nds) 81

T. Mahmood (Werrington) 80

P. Patel (Wisbech) 79

R. Ponnam (Addida) 78

C. Dixon (Newborough 2nds) 77

A. Ghani (Huntingdon 2nds) 77

T. Hawkins (Ufford Park 2nds) *76

J. Morgan (Market Deeping) *76

T. Banham (Burghley Park) 76

A. Mitchell (Peterborough Town) 75

H. Bream (Sawtry) 74

F. Javed (King’s Keys) 74

M. Rose (Newborough 2nds) 74

M. Hammad (Barnack) *73

R. Williams (Newborough 2nds) *72

A. Bennett (Bretton) 71

M. Richardson (Baston) 71

A. Renton (Burghley Park 2nds) 70

R. Smith (Ramsey) 68

G. Freear (Wisbech) 66

A. Mugham (Werrington) 66

A. Bakar (Alconbury) 65

I. Love (Ramsey) *64

S. Brown (Burghley Park 2nds) 64

G. Scotcher (Nassington 2nds) 64

R. Harris (Newborough) *63

J. Dalley (Oundle) 63

S. Jarvis (Orton Park 2nds) 63

Kuldip Singh (King’s Keys) 63

M. Gill (Spalding 2nds) 61

Sunny Singh (King’s Keys) 60

J. Weaver (Burghley Park 2nds) 60

Z. Abbas (King’s Keys) 59

J. Clifton (Ufford Park 2nds) *58

M. Shifran (Nassington) *58

Z. Manzoor (Oundle) *56

E. Cooper (Burghley Park) 55

T. Zamir (Falcon) *54

J. Williams (Cambs) 53

M. Pandya (Huntingdon 2nds) 52

G. Smith (Alconbury) 52

P. Morgan (Bourne) *51

M. Asif (AK 11) 51

Raj Singh (King’s Keys) 51

A. Dockerill (Spalding 2nds) *50

*denotes not out


L. Davis (Ketton 2nds) 6-37

L. Bruce (Peterborough Town) 6-56

C. Birch (Stamford) 5-12

J. Imran (Huntingdon 2nds) 5-19

M. Shifran (Nassington) 5-29

Sajjad Ali (King’s Keys) 5-30

P. McMahon (Cambs) 5-71