Peterborough kickboxers on top of the world in Portugal

Peterborough BCKA's WKC World Championship stars (above) were from the left, Zac Culpin, Ashton Brannigan, Leon Gold, Jaden Harris and Eddy Paddock.
Peterborough BCKA's WKC World Championship stars (above) were from the left, Zac Culpin, Ashton Brannigan, Leon Gold, Jaden Harris and Eddy Paddock.
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Peterborough fighters ruled the world at the big kickboxing championships in Portugal.

The Peterborough BCKA club had six fighters in action at the WKC (World Kick-boxing Council) World Championships at the Grande Real Santa Eulalia in Albufiera and not only did they all win medals but four of them won three world titles apiece.

World champion Bethany Jones.

World champion Bethany Jones.

The fab four were Jaden Harris, Leon Gold, Eddy Paddock and Freya Molloy with Harris also winning silver and bronze medals and Paddock a silver.

Other countries attending the championships were Spain, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Slovakia, Egypt and Pakistan.

Peterborough BCKA chief instructor Andy Whitwell was naturally thrilled to bits with the achievements of his students.

He said: “They all fought extremely well against some of the world’s best fighters and I am so very proud of them.

Silver medallist Kyle Findley.

Silver medallist Kyle Findley.

“I’m always saying to them ‘train hard, fight easy’ and once again that was the case. They had all trained so hard for the event and the dedication paid off. Their fitness was superb. They are a credit and an example to all martial artists.”

Anyone wishing to join BCKA can contact Whitwell on 07969792286.

Peterborough BCKA results at the World Championships:

Jaden Harris

Junior Women Under 50kg Points - World Champion

Junior Women Under 50kg Continuous - World Champion

Ladies Under 60kg Continuous - World Champion

Ladies Under 60kg Points - Silver

Ladies Under 55kg Points - Bronze

Leon Gold

Men’s Under 75kg Points - World Champion

Men’s Under 75kg Continuous - World Champion

Men’s Team - World Champion

Zac Culpin

Traditional Chinese style Kata - Silver

Traditional Weapons Kata - Silver

Ashton Brannigan

Boys Under 35kg Continuous - Bronze

Boys team - Silver

Eddy Paddock

Cadet Boys Under 55kg Points - World Champion

Junior Boys Under 60kg Points - World Champion

Cadet Boys Under 55kg Continuous - World Champion

Cadet Boys Team - Silver

Freya Molloy

Cadet Girls +60kg Points - World Champion

Cadet Girls +60kg Continuous - World Champion

Ladies -65kg Points - World Champion

Peterborough also had a winner at the WKKC (World Karate & Kickboxing Commission) Championships at the City West Hotel in Dublin.

That was Bethany Jones, the chief instructor at the JAMA club.

Representing England, she came up against world-class kickboxers from other countries as far afield as Canada and USA, and won a gold medal in the lades team event and bronze medals in the ladies Under 50kg semi-contact and Under 50kg light contact.

And that was a great effort seeing as she’s taken seven months off this year due to injury.

Anyone interested in joining JAMA can visit or call mobile 07479564918.

Peterborough Freestyle Club kickboxer Kyle Findley, son of former world karate and kickboxing champion Clifton Findley, was also competing in Dublin and came away with a silver medal in the men’s Under 75kg category.

He just missed out on gold losing to an American opponent by three points in the final.