LICENCE FEES: A shake-up designed to attract more young anglers

The Environment Agency has announced a shake-up of rod licences, following feedback from anglers all over England.

Friday, 30th December 2016, 11:00 am
A coarse fishing licence will become more expensive.

The changes include a free rod licence for junior anglers which is hoped to encourage more young people to give fishing a go and secure the future of a popular sport.

Other moves include a rolling rod licence that lasts for 365 days from the day you buy it –rather than only running up until the end of March regardless of when it was bought.

The third change is one which carp and specimen anglers have long campaigned for, namely the use of three rods having just one licence, rather than needing two.

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The not so good news will see an increase to standard charges.

For example, a coarse fishing licence has now been increased £3 from £27 to a still reasonable £30.

This is the first time the cost of a rod licence has increased since 2010 and all additional income generated will go back into improving fisheries and services for anglers.