King rules the roost on the Beastie Lake

The Beastie Lake at Decoy saw the Over 55s match produce some fine weights, topped by Mick King with 122lb 13oz.

Thursday, 19th October 2017, 11:14 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 4:44 am
Chris Shortland.

He drew favoured peg 30 and caught first on Method feeder to the aerator then on pellet bomb for a comfortable win.

Next came Steve Dorks on peg eight with 104lb 6oz and Vince Hull with 102lb 10oz.


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Pete Sanderson.

The Oak Pool at Decoy saw the middle pegs on the lake produce the leading weights in the latest JVAC match.

Top rod fishing cat meat on a short pole line was Roy Whincup with 117lb 7oz from peg 11.

Andy Gausden fished a variety of methods on peg 25 to finish second with 103lb 10oz, followed by Jay Richardson on peg 20 with 98lb 11oz.


Pete Sanderson.

Cock Inn were on the Horsehoe Pool for their latest fixture which saw Chris Shortland win with 129lb 5oz from peg nine.

He caught all his fish on the feeder with pellet from the far bank.

Runner-up from peg three was Danny O’Brien with 102lb 1oz on prawns fished on the feeder. Steve Smith came third with 101lb 13oz from peg 20 fishing the pole with sweetcorn.


Hotpoint AC fished Lou’s Lake and with the hot pegs on the top end of the venue in good form it was no surprise to see Pete Sanderson out in front from peg seven.

He had a slow start but finished well on a small feeder for 79lb 7oz.

Second was Paul Faulkner on peg 14 with 69lb 12oz, then came Kev Schnieder on 52lb 14oz.


The Fenland Rods’ Club Cup match was fished on Six Islands at Decoy and top rod was Mac Campbell on peg eight.

He fished close in catching on meat and sweetcorn to top the field with 85lb of carp and barbel.

Next was James Garner on peg one with 84lb and third was Callum Judge with 59lb 8oz, followed by Tony Nisbett with 59lb.