It's an all-Ketton finalin the women's triples

The final of the Northants women's two-bowl triples at the City of Peterborough club on July 17 will be an all-Ketton affair between the rinks of Val Du'Kett (with Carol Warters and Peggy Birch) and Chris Ford (with Shirley Suffling and Elaine Upton) following semi-final victories over the Conservative triples of Ann Reynolds and Sheila Craig 21-4 and 22-21 respectively.

Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 9:59 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:23 pm
Val Du'Kett.



FOUR-BOWL SINGLES, third round: Adam Warrington (Blackstones) bt Ean Eagle (West Ward) 21-11; John Holroyd (Stamford) bt Stephen Harris (Blackstones) 21-14; Neil Wright (Parkway) bt Norman Hill (Yaxley) 21-13; Malcolm Squires (City of Peterborough) bt Andrew Cooper (Yaxley) 21-4; Martyn Dolby (Blackstones) bt Andrew Thurston (Parkway) 21-11; Roger Stevens (Whittlesey Manor) bt Steve Lander (Whittlesey Manor) 21-19; Jim Ruddy (West Ward) bt Graham Agger (Yaxley) 21-15; Richard Allam (Stamford) bt Peter A White (Yaxley) 21-15.

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VETERANS SINGLES, second round: Norman Hill (Yaxley) bt Mick Leighton (Langtoft Pearl) 21-19; Stewart Wilson (Whittlesey Town) bt Roger Stevens (Whittlesey Manor) 21-19; Robert Heath (Yaxley) bt Ean Eagle (West Ward) 21-14; Paul Buckley (Blackstones) bt Malcolm Squires (City of Peterborough) 21-7; Peter Harvey (Yaxley) bt Stuart Reynolds (Parkway) 21-14; Mick Linnell (West Ward) bt Peter Edwards (Ketton) 21-17; Martyn Dolby (Blackstones) bt Robert Burbridge (Whittlesey Manor) 21-15. Walkover: Mick Duell (West Ward).

CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS, first round: Graham Agger (Yaxley) bt Peter White (Langtoft Pearl) 21-19; Howard Shipp (Parkway) bt Bob Warters (Ketton) 21-17; Terry English (Whittlesey Town) bt Kevin Vinter (Stamford) 21-7; Andrew Grief (Crowland) bt Steve Lander (Whittlesey Manor) 21-15. Walkover: Jim Ruddy (West Ward).

SENIOR MIXED PAIRS, second round: Dick Noble (West Ward) bt Fred Browning (Yaxley) 17-15; Tony Kemp (Conservative) bt Mick Hatch (West Ward) 22-20; Martyn Dolby (Blackstones) bt Dave Hilton (West Ward) 19-12; Stuart Reynolds (Parkway) bt Mick Duell (West Ward) 21-13; Roger Martin (City of Peterborough) bt Malcolm Squires (City of Peterborough) 17-12; Joe Martin (Peterborough & District) bt Dick Ford (Ketton) 16-15; Peter Edwards (Ketton) bt Jim Millar (City of Peterborough) 18-14; Bob Warters (Ketton) bt John Hadley (Yaxley) 22-13.

THREE-BOWL TRIPLES, second round: Peter Harvey (Yaxley) bt John Wiles (Yaxley) 15-14; Tom Fielding (Blackstones) bt Peter Holmes (Crowland) 18-6; Roger Martin (City of Peterborough) bt Cliff Watson (Peterborough & District) 17-16; Neil Wright (Parkway) bt Dick Noble (West Ward) 21-14; Mike Robertson (Parkway) bt Howard Shipp (Parkway) 21-7; Peter Brown (Whittlesey Manor) bt Nick Wilkie (Blackstones) 25-9; Peter Linnell (Blackstones) bt Barry Lawrence (Whittlesey Manor) 24-13; Paul Dalliday (Whittlesey Manor) bt Adam Warrington (Blackstones) 17-6.

MIXED TRIPLES, second round: Peter Marchant (Yaxley) bt Cliff Watson (Peterborough & District) 26-15; Sarah Newson (Parkway) bt Dick Ford (Ketton) 19-11; Mick Duell (West Ward) bt Jon Earl (Blackstones) 21-19; Steve Roden (Whittlesey Manor) bt Brian Bassam (Peterborough & District) 24-9; Paul Bailey (Blackstones) bt Andrew Cooper (Yaxley) 26-15; Roger Martin (City of Peterborough) bt Brian Swann (West Ward) 20-11; Tony Mace (Whittlesey Manor) bt Peter Edwards (Ketton) 22-19.

ADAMS CUP, preliminary round: Parkway bt Crowland B 73-45.


FOUR-BOWL SINGLES, quarter-finals: Fiona Richardson (City of Peterborough) bt M. McKernan (Parkway) 21-11; Sharon Green (Peterborough & District) bt Val Du’Kett (Ketton) 21-8; Sarah Newson (Parkway) bt Ann Cullingworth (Langtoft Pearl) 21-19; Sue Moir (Langtoft Pearl) bt Norma Squires (City of Peterborough) 21-12.

THREE-BOWL TRIPLES, quarter-finals: Chris Ford (Ketton) bt Linda Darani (City of Peterborough) 18-13; Sharon Bailey (Blackstones) bt Kathie Roden (Whittlesey Manor) 11-10; Freda Thomas (Yaxley) bt Liz Barr (West Ward) 22-13; Julie Masters (Parkway) bt Sheila Craig (Conservative) 14-13.

TWO-BOWL TRIPLES, semi-finals: Val Du’Kett (Ketton) bt Ann Reynolds (Conservative) 21-4; Chris Ford (Ketton) bt Sheila Craig (Conservative) 22-21.



FOUR-BOWL SINGLES, quarter-finals: Sabrina Parnell (Parkway) bt Val Corn (Buckden) 21-18; Catherine Popple (Parkway) bt Chloe Brett (Warboys) 21-10; Juliet May (Buckden) bt Hannah Overton (Parkway) 21-13; Jane Baldwin (St Ives) bt Andrea Rose (Ramsey) 21-15.

Semi-finals: Popple bt Baldwin; Parnell bt May 21-10.


FOUR-BOWL SINGLES, quarter-finals: Eric Baker (Papworth) bt Joe Randall (Parkway) 21-14; Ed Elmore (Warboys) bt Simon Law (Parkway) 21-6; Lewis Baker (Warboys) bt Andrew Thurston (Parkway) 21-14; Simon Leader (Warboys) bt Harry Ward (Warboys) 21-12.

Semi-final: Leader bt Eric Baker 21-10.

STUART & CO SHIELD, preliminary round: Whittlesey Manor bt City of Peterborough 41-28; Sawtry bt Brampton 47-38; Somersham bt Hemingford A 31-30; Buckden bt Hemingford B 53-23; St Ives bt Conservative 45-32; Parkway bt Royal Oak 42-33. Walkover: Warboys.