It all clicks for Hicks as they finish super series as top club

The Fengate-based Hicks Karate School were celebrating on Sunday after finishing as top club in the Peterborough Championship Series - a huge martial arts competition that attracts clubs from across the country.

Thursday, 30th November 2017, 9:57 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th December 2017, 12:47 pm
The successful Hicks Karate School fighters were from t he left, back, Elise Ward, Aaron Dickerson, instructor Atlanta Hickman, David Cairns, chief instructor Andrew Hicks, David Prior, Sarah Ward, Chloe Prior, middle, Aaron Leonard, Shiv Panchal, Sophie Hicks, Lucy Hicks, Casey Stone, Raihan Ebrahim, front, Joell Celaire, Denas Jankauskas, Joshua Leonard, Sophie Doyle and Oliver Profitt.

They achieved 24 top-three placings in the final round at Bushfield Sports Centre and finished with seven Grand Champions. They were Joell Celaire, Denas Jankauskas, Shiv Panchal, Elise Ward, Chloe Prior, Connor Ingrey and David Cairns.

Chief instructor Andrew Hicks said fighters who caught his eye were young Joshua Leonard and Elise Ward.

He said: “Josh started the year very much a nervous novice but has developed into a confident young competitor who won a deserved gold medal while Elise dominated her own sections to win three gold medals and also stepped up to compete and do well against ladies.”

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Joshua Leonard on top of the podium.

It was also a good day for the city’s newest martial arts club TASK Force run by world champion Robert Taylor.

Brayden Popat Evans won two gold medals and two Grand Champion titles in the points plus he won two weight divisions in the light continuous kickboxing as well.

His big sister Jazmyn also won twice in the points and become a double Grand Champion as well.

In the men’s divisions Grant Brown returned after a two-year break to win the middleweight and heavyweight men’s points divisions.

Robert Taylor with his champions Grant Brown (back), Brayden Popat Evans (left) and Jazmyn Popat Evans (right).



Casey Stone: 3rd Traditional Kata Open Weapon U16; 3rd Creative Kata Non Weapon U16.

Joshua Leonard: 1st Super Pee Wees Under 3ft 8in; Runner-up Pee Wees Under 4ft.

Joshua Leonard on top of the podium.

Joell Celaire: 3rd Pee Wees Under 4ft; Grand Champion Pee Wees Under 4ft.

Sophie Doyle: 1st Pee Wees Under 4ft; 2nd Girls Under 4ft 4in Intermediate.

Oliver Profitt: 3rd Boys Under 4ft 4in Intermediate.

Denas Jankauskas: 1st Boys Under 4ft 4in Advanced; Grand Champion Boys Under 4ft 4in Advanced.

Robert Taylor with his champions Grant Brown (back), Brayden Popat Evans (left) and Jazmyn Popat Evans (right).

Raihan Ebrahim: Runner-up Boys Under 4ft 8in Advanced.

Aaron Leonard: 3rd Boys Under 5ft Advanced; 3rd Boys Under 5ft 2in Advanced.

Shiv Panchal: 2nd Boys Under 5ft Advanced; 2nd Boys Under 5ft 2in Advanced; Grand Champion Boys Under 5ft 2in Advanced.

Warren Bothamley: Runner-up Boys Under 5ft Advanced; Runner-up Boys Under 5ft 2in Advanced.

Jolie Franks: 2nd Girls Under 5ft Advanced.

Elise Ward: 1st Girls Over 5ft 4in Intermediate/Advanced; Grand Champion Girls Over 5ft 4in Intermediate/Advanced; 3rd Ladies Under 69kg Advanced.

Sarah Ward: Runner-up Ladies Under 69kg Advanced; 1st Ladies Veterans Under & Over 69kg.

Chloe Prior: 2nd Ladies Over 69kg Beginners/Advanced; Grand Champion Ladies Over 69kg Beginners/Advanced.

Connor Ingrey: 3rd Men’s Under 84kg Beginner/Intermediate 3rd; Grand Champion Men’s Under 84kg Beginner/Intermediate.

David Cairns: 3rd Men’s Over 84kg Advanced; Grand Champion Men’s Over 84kg Advanced; 3rd Men’s Veterans Over 79kg.

David Prior: 1st Men’s Veterans Over 79kg.


Denas Jankauskas: Runner-up Boys Under 40kg Intermediate/Advanced.

Raihan Ebrahim: 3rd Boys Under 30kg Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced.

Elise Ward: 1st Girls Under 55kg Beginners; 1st Under 60kg Intermediate/Advanced.