Hunts hopes hit in the opening round of the regional finals

Hunts hopes of qualifying for the national finals of the White Rose under 25 men's inter-county double rink event were dashed in the opening round of the regional finals at Wellingborough on Sunday, where they were beaten 32-45 by Leicestershire.

Thursday, 21st June 2018, 12:34 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st June 2018, 12:38 pm
Simon Law is through to the Hunts four-bowl singles semi-finals.
Simon Law is through to the Hunts four-bowl singles semi-finals.

Having lost their opening two matches in the Middleton Cup inter-county championship, Hunts resume their campaign on Saturday when Suffolk are the visitors to Brampton, while the women face Essex in the Walker Cup on Sunday.

n Whittlesey Manor are left to carry local hopes in the Bowls England inter-club Two Fours competition following a 53-21 home defeat of Hemingford on Sunday which has set up a fourth round tie at home to Northants club Burton Latimer.

n After successive defeats, the Northants men’s county teams will be hoping to stop the rot when they visit close neighbours Hunts on Saturday.

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Chris Ford is through to the Northants senior singles semi-finals.

Already effectively out of the hunt for southern section honours, the players will be playing for pride, although there may be an opportunity for the captains to experiment with personnel and combinations with a view to the future.

Northants women, who were in action at North Essex on Tuesday, are on the road again on Monday with a trip to Norfolk.

County championship results


Sheila Craig has also reached the Northants senior singles semi-finals.


Four-bowl singles, second round: Simon Law (Parkway) bt Joe Randall (Warboys) 21-18; Robbie Coleman (Brampton) bt Stuart Popple (Parkway) 21-5; Ross Tomlinson (Warboys) bt Steve Holland (Brampton) 21-10; Stuart Woodcock (Whittlesey Manor) bt Matt Saunders (Brampton) 21-12; Paul Dalliday (Parkway) bt Martin Francis (Ramsey) 21-12; Tom Swannell (Warboys) bt Jim Ruddy (West Ward) 21-19; Simon Leader (Warboys) bt Neil Wright (Parkway) 21-10; Harry Ward (Papworth) bt Bryan Johnson (Papworth) 21-14.

Quarter-finals: Law bt Woodcock 21-20; Dalliday bt Coleman 21-10; Leader bt Tomlinson 21-15; Ward bt Swannell 21-18.

Over 55 fours, preliminary round: Willie Day (Hemingford) bt Trevor Collins (Parkway) 22-15; Jim Ruddy (West Ward) bt Roger Stevens (Whittlesey Manor) 25-19; Stuart Woodcock (Whittlesey Manor) bt Jim Bradley (West Ward) 19-13.


Four-bowl singles, quarter-finals: Catherine Popple (Parkway) bt Juliet May (Buckden) 21-7; Karen Leader (Sawtry) bt Karen Martin (Parkway) 21-10; Chloe Brett (Parkway) bt Jane Baldwin (St Ives) 21-5. Walkover: Sophie Purell (Holywell cum Needingworth).


Champion of Champions, preliminary round: Alan Buckley (Holywell cum Needingworth) bt S. Linnell (Brampton) 21-19; Tony Dighton (St Ives) bt Graham Agger (Whittlesey Manor) 21-15; Chris Millard (Somersham) bt Ken Martin (Hemingford) 21-9; Les Sharp (Yaxley) bt Matt Nickerson (Sawtry) 21-11; Chris Austin (Houghton & Wyton) bt Chris Smith (Buckden) 21-18. Walkovers: Alison Wilson (Hemingford), Gerry Brennan (Eaton Socon).



Two-bowl singles, quarter-finals: Tina Tinklin (Conservative) bt Fiona Richardson (City of Peterborough) 21-4; Joan Robinson (Yaxley) bt Hazel Bass (Yaxley) 21-18; Sharon Bailey (Blackstones) bt Merisha McKernan (Parkway) 21-14. Walkover: Norma Squires (City of Peterborough).

Senior singles, quarter-finals: Chris Ford (Ketton) bt Wendy Harrold (Whittlesey Manor) 21-2; Sue Moir (Langtoft Pearl) bt Wendy Stevens (Peterborough & District) 21-14; Vie Hatch (West Ward) bt Veona Slater (Crowland) 21-20; Sheila Craig (Conservative) bt Norma Squires (City of Peterborough) 21-17.

Senior pairs, quarter-finals: Joan Robinson (Yaxley) bt Fiona Richardson (City of Peterborough) 19-18; Julie Farrington (Whittlesey Town) bt Elizabeth Wallace (Ketton) 21-7; Doris Flowers (Yaxley) bt Anne White (Langtoft Pearl) 21-13. Walkover: Kathy Browning (Yaxley).

Pairs, first round: Joan Robinson (Yaxley) bt Fiona Richardson (City of Peterborough) 15-14; Louise Harris (Blackstones) bt Rita Mace (Whittlesey Manor) 22-7; Pat Reynolds (Parkway) bt Val Du’Kett (Ketton) 19-14; Sue Moir (Langtoft Pearl) bt Sheron Noble (West Ward) 27-14; Doris Flowers (Yaxley) bt Chris Ford (Ketton) 17-8; Sheila Craig (Conservative) bt Elizabeth Wallace (Ketton) 20-15; Merisha McKernan (Parkway) bt Angie Morton (Parkway) 22-10; Sharon Bailey (Blackstones) bt Pearl O’Brien (Deeping) 18-13.

Three-bowl triples, first round: Linda Toms (Conservative) bt Carol Grief (Crowland) 29-16; Chris Ford (Ketton) bt Gill King (Yaxley) 19-13; Sheila Craig (Conservative) bt Sharon Bailey (Blackstones) 20-9; Sarah Newson (Parkway) bt Karen Martin (Parkway) 24-13; Sheron Noble (West Ward) bt Doris Flowers (Yaxley) 17-12. Walkovers: Kathy Browning (Yaxley), Norma Squires (City of Peterborough), C. McCarthy (Whittlesey Town).


Two-bowl singles, third round: Lee Welsford (Parkway) bt Howard Shipp (Parkway) 21-16; Jack Corney (Whittlesey Manor) bt Steve Lander (Whittlesey Manor) 21-12; Adam Warrington (Blackstones) bt Stephen Harris (Blackstones) 21-18; Paul Dalliday (Parkway) bt Roger Stevens (Whittlesey Manor) 21-14; Graham Agger (Whittlesey Manor) bt Jon Earl (Blackstones) 21-14; Martin Welsford (Whittlesey Manor) bt Ian Chilvers (Peterborough & District) 21-15; Dave Roberts (Market Deeping) bt Tony Mace (Whittlesey Manor) 21-14. Walkover: Sean Fenlon (West Ward).

Four-bowl singles, third round: Paul Dalliday (Parkway) bt Roger Stevens (Whittlesey Manor) 21-15; Peter Brown (Whittlesey Manor) bt Paul Buckley (Blackstones) 21-15; Trevor Collins (Parkway) bt Richard Allam (Stamford) 21-12; Steve Roden (Whittlesey Manor) bt Joe Martin (Peterborough & District) 21-18; Jeff Clipston (Peterborough & District) bt John Thurston (Yaxley) 21-7; Sean Fenlon (West Ward) bt Tony Kemp (Conservative) 21-20; Andrew Cooper (Yaxley) bt Howard Shipp (Parkway) 21-6.

Pairs, second round: John Hadley (Yaxley) bt Bob Warters (Ketton) 18-7; Brian Downs (Blackstones) bt Gerald Homewood (Langtoft Pearl) 20-14; Malcom Cullingworth (Langtoft Pearl) bt Adam Warrington (Blackstones) 16-14; Paul Bailey (Blackstones) bt Paul Dalliday (Parkway) 19-12; John Holroyd (Stamford) bt Martin Welsford (Whittlesey Manor) 17-15; Roger Stevens (Whittlesey Manor) bt Peter Brown (Whittlesey Manor) 21-18; Stephen Harris (Blackstones) bt Tony Belson (Yaxley) 25-7; Brian Martin (Parkway) bt Lee Welsford (Parkway) 19-13.

Veterans singles, second round: Martyn Dolby (Blackstones) bt Tony Mace (Whittlesey Manor) 21-13; Andrew Grief (Crowland) bt Les Sharp (Yaxley) 21-16; Roger Stevens (Whittlesey Manor) bt Mick Linnell (West Ward) 21-15; Dave Corney (Peterborough & District) bt Peter Cox (Langtoft Pearl) 21-14; Mike Ramsden (Vanguard) bt Dick Noble (West Ward) 21-18; Bob Warters (Ketton) bt Melvyn Beck (Whittlesey Manor) 21-15; Malcolm Cullingworth (Langtoft Pearl) bt Mick Duell (Whittlesey Manor) 21-15; Paul Buckley (Blackstones) bt Mick Greaves (Peterborough & District) 21-17.