When Peterborough’s very own Tiger met Tiger the golfing legend

Tiger Woods.
Tiger Woods.
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Meeting your sporting heroes face to face is an impossible dream for most youngsters, even if you’ve been named after him

But Peterborough’s star junior golfer Robin Tiger Williams was introduced to all-time great Tiger Woods in Paris yesterday (September 26) and the experience left the Milton Golf Club member thrilled and a little shaky.

Peterborough’s Tiger had just represented Europe in the Junior Ryder Cup at Golf Disneyland when Woods arrived to meet both teams.

On hearing the local lad’s middle name, Woods said: “no way, good for you dude.”

Williams explained he was named after the 14-time Major winner and told him he was his ‘inspiration’’ earning thanks from the world’s most famous player.

Controversially Williams admitted he’d like to see Tiger win all his five matches in the Ryder Cup which starts in Paris tomorrow.

The latest local golf news.

The latest local golf news.

Wiliams added: “I’ve just met my hero and I’m a little shaky’.

Williams won two of his three matches at the Junior Ryder Cup, but the United States won the mixed event by one point.