Let’s have a cull of not-so-golden oldie golfers

Golfers like Tom Watson just clog up the fairways.
Golfers like Tom Watson just clog up the fairways.
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If I was in charge of golf the first rule-change I’d implement would be the removal of ceremonial players.

And I include Tiger Woods in that group of has-beens playing by memory who clog up the fairways.

Yes, I know what ‘The Open’ means literally, but make the senior citizens qualify on world rankings or special tournaments like the club pros and the journeymen rather than the fact that they won a major tournament in about 1955.

Players like Tom Watson and Sandy Lyle are irrelevant now. I don’t want to see the great Nick Faldo shooting 83 in the first round at St Andrews any more than I want to see his garish jumpers from the days when he could hit the ball straight and putt like a wizard.

Watson finished his last ever round (thank God) at St Andrews at around 10pm on Friday night.

The commentators in the BBC booth were more animated about whether or not the five-time champion would finish before play was called off than they were that an Englishman, Danny Willett, was leading the tournament.

One pundit dared to mention that Watson was stone-cold last in the tournament. I expect he will be quietly transferred to the Siberian branch of the BBC .

It’s actually incredibly selfish to keep on playing when you’re so far past your sell-by date there’s a great chance you’d be condemned by environmental health officers.

I’d rather see a young thruster win a legitimate spot at the Open rather than the likes of Mark Calcavecchia turning up and stinking the place out.

The Oldies have their own Champions Tour anyway which has five ‘soft’ majors and they don’t let the youngsters in so why should the reverse not apply? It’s revers e age discrimination.

It’s just the same in other so-called major tournaments. The Masters is a great spectacle, but how tiresome is it to see the likes of Ben Crenshaw plodding around every year? Thankfully he’s gone now and at least Jack Nicklaus is consigned to the TV studios where he delights/bores us by telling us how great he was back in the day.

If I want to remember my heroes I’d buy a DVD of when they were good.

You wouldn’t want to see Ken Charlery in action the next time Posh get to Wembley, you wouldn’t want to see Graham Gooch striding out to the middle to face Mitchell Johnson and Mitchell Starc (even though he would probably get more runs than Adam Lyth) and you wouldn’t want to see Bjorn Borg at Wimbledon with his wooden racquet ready to face Novak Djokovic.

So why on earth does Watson get to play alongside people with a chance of qualifying for the final two rounds?

Old champions should be paraded rather than allowed to compete.

They can set the trend with Woods because his decline has become embarrassing and he should be saved from himself forthwith.