Greetham girl Ellie gets an England call

Ellie Haughton.
Ellie Haughton.
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Greetham Valley’s outstanding junior captain Ellie Haughton has been rewarded for a superb year by winning selection for the England Under 16 squad.

Ellie attended trials at the National Golf Centre at Woodhall Spa recently which involved two days of skill tests and competitive golf and afterwards was invited to attend England Under 16 training sessions.

This honour follows a fantastic 21 months during which her handicap has been reduced from 43 to seven.

While Ellie is the first Greetham member to be accepted into the squad, her younger sister Izzie is following in her footsteps and already holds the Lincolnshire Under 14 county championship at the age of 12.


Longthorpe Tennis Club members Thalia Martin and Rachael Fisher showed they were just as handy with a golf club as a tennis racket when winning Peterborough Milton knockout trophies.

Fisher partnered Bernie Bandaranaike to victory in the Sampson Trophy and then beat Bandaranaike in the Autumn Salver final.

Teenager Martin meanwhile beat Carol Dunn in the final of the Askew Trophy.

Bandaranaike won a second trophy when taking the honours in the Bronze Scratch Trophy final.



Stableford: Over 70 - 1 Terry Locks 34pts; 2 Pete Glover 33pts; 3 Phil Collins 32pts. Under 70 - 1 Robert Lakin 34pts; 2 Bob Stout 34pts; 3 John Harlock 33pts.

Peterborough Milton 4, St Neots 4 (Milton names only): Terry Locks/Jim Pendreigh won 3&1; Robert Lakin/Mike Williamson halved; Pete Glover/Wally Rushton won 7&5; Bob Streeton/Doug Lyne halved; Graham Beer/John Oughton won 5&3; Colin Phillips/Peter Addison lost 3&2; Mick McKendrick/Bill Forrest lost 5&4; Brent Joyce/Roy Chowings lost 4&3.


Aimes Bowl: 1 Carol Dunn/Ted Dunn net 69.5; 2 Janet Hill/Dougie Hill net 72; 3 Kerri Cole/Richard Cole net 72.


Weekend October Medal: 1 Helen Long 70; 2 Carol Dunn 73.

Weekday October Medal: 1 Thalia Martin 67; 2 Ann Dewhurst 72.

Sampson Trophy: 1 Rachael Fisher/Bernice Bandaranaike; 2 Helen Long/Anne Lowery.

Knockout Cup: 1 Janette Hill; 2 Joyce Faris.

Autumn Salver: 1 Rachael Fisher; 2 Bernice Bandranaike.

Bronze Scratch Trophy: 1 Bernice Bandaranaike; 2 Tracy Brown.

Champagne Scratch Trophy: 1 Carol Dunn; 2 Joyce Faris.

Askew Cup: 1 Thalia Martin; 2 Carol Dunn.



Nene Park 4, Tydd St Giles 3 (Nene Park names only): Neil Farrington/Karen Martins won 2 up; John Burborough/Barbara Bird won 4&3; Roy & Val Jacobs lost 5&4; Gordon Thompson/Jenny Phipps won 3&2; Charlie & Pam Cox lost 2 down; Bill & Sue Hennigan won 2 up.


Monthly Medal: 1st Vaughan Lutkin net 67; 2 Paul Clay net 70; 3 Nigel Alban net 71.


Stableford (Oorton Meadows): 1 Rebecca Gregory 35pts; 2 Tae Gooding 32pts; 3 Lynne Simpson 31pts.

Ladies & Seniors

Autumn Competition: 1 John Holloran/Mary Palmer 38pts; 2 Dudley van Kerro/Do Bagley 35pts.


September Medal and David Elwell Memorial Trophy: 1 Jeffrey Core net 69; 2 Graham Priest net 70; 3 Ray Palmer net 70

October Medal (Orton Meadows): 1 Ken Nickell 35pts; 2 Reginald Robinson 35pts; 3 Colin Keech 34pts.



Falls Am-Am: 1 Roe/Roe/Mackle/Burns 130; 2 Wilson/Mann/Bolden/Kane 130; 3 Banham/Brown/Nkana/Conduit 130.


October Stableford: Division One - 1 J. Hayes 36; 2 M. Nkana 36. Division Two - 1 L. Nicholson 37; 2 P. S. Davies 36. Division Three - 1 T. Toyne 37; 2 M. Reynolds 37.

Singles Scratch Knockout: 1 John Summerfield; 2 Jake Shacklock.

Doubles Knockout: 1 Paul Bolden/Barry Tulloch; 2 Robin Watts/Omar Vawda.

Singles Plate Knockout: 1 Roger Mayhew; 2 Pete Reynolds.

Doubles Plate Knockout: 1 Ray Dinsdale/Rod Mawson; 2 Fred Mullinger/Colin Savage.


October Stableford: 1 L. Johnson 36; 2 E. Toyne 33.

Summer Eclectic: 1 Barbara Stone; 2 Jackie Butler; 3 Christal Skelton.


Double Eclectic: 1 Sue Anderson; 2 Andy Anderson; 3 Roger Mayhew.


Doubles Knockout: 1 Fred Mullinger/Maureen Taylor; 2 Dave Burns/Chris Rudkin.



Past Captains Stableford: 1 John Sprks 41pts; 2 Neil Crees 39pts; 3 Trevor Smith 36pts; 4 Shaun Denholm 36pts.


Midweek Medal: 1 Hayley Hunt net 71; 2 Jackie Friend net 78; 3 Bev Dolman net 80.

Weekend Medal: 1 Gillian Grant net 75.


Singles Knockout Final: Rob Gray beat David Aldred.

Qualifier: 1 John Morphee 42pts; 2 Rob Gray 39pts; 3 Peter Palmer 38pts.


President’s Invitation Day: Team - 1 Liz Haughton/Darren Haughton/Peter Palmer/Scott Atton 110pts; 2 Paul Clegg/Adam Clegg/Sue Clegg/Neil Crees 117pts. Individual Men - 1 Michael Salmon 42pts. Individual ladies - 1 Ellie Haughton 36ps.