GOLF: Russ is a double Winter League winner

Russ Holden.
Russ Holden.
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Russ Holden won both the men’s and seniors Winter League competitions at Greetham Valley at the weekend.


David Tansley, last year's Seniors Captain at Elton Furze, is pictured presenting a cheque for �2,500 to Chris Collier of the NSPCC,  the charity supported by the seniors section during 2016.

David Tansley, last year's Seniors Captain at Elton Furze, is pictured presenting a cheque for �2,500 to Chris Collier of the NSPCC, the charity supported by the seniors section during 2016.



Greensomes Competition: 1 David Longworth/Ella Reed 40pts; 2 Mick McKendrick/Christine Laxton 37pts; 3 Tom Bowden/Phyl Cook 37pts; 4 Ted Dunn/Gill Oughton 36pts; 5 John Oughton/Carol Dunn 34pts.


Hamer Trophy: 1 Ella Reed 36pts; 2 Linda Gill 36pts; 3 Ann Nichols 36pts.



Captain’s Day Pairs, Captain’s team 9, Vice-Captain’s team 9: Wally Lawes & Bill Sharpe lost 3 & 2 to Keith Cooper & Peter Orbine; Bob Townsend & Len Kempster halved with Bill Smith & Tom Melvin; Paul Heathershaw & Cliff Lane won 6 & 5 against Tom Burrows & George Davis; Derrick Smith & Mick Bliss halved with Keith Partridge & Dave Spridgen; Carol Plume & Neil Sargeant halved with John Venters & John George; Terry Grantham & Steve Steels lost 4 & 2 to Don Hinshelwood & Paul Wood; Steve Sayer & Barry Hircock won 5 & 3 against Stan Cleaver & Richard Senior; Tom Penning & Greg Walsh lost 4 & 3 to Raffaele Ragosa & Carl Claxton; Noel Delaney & Keith Lawrence won 7 & 6 against Rob Warlow & Ron Walpole. Nearest the line hole 2 - Robert Warlow. Nearest the pins: hole 3 - Neil Sargeant; hole 4 - Neil Sargeant; hole 11 - Mick Bliss; Steve Sayer; hole 6 - Barry Hircock.

Medal: Division One - 1 David Lord net 73; 2 Steve Sayer net 73. Division Two - 1 John George net 71; 2 Richard Senior net 74. Division Three - 1 Raffaele Ragosa net 78; 2 Roy Howe net 78.


Ruby Pell: 1 Marilyn Sayer 24pts; 2 Ann Chick 23pts; 3 Diane Moore 23pts.



Midweek Stableford: 1 Pauline Hurley 35pts; 2 Caron Lawson 30pts.

Elton Furze 1.5, Toft 3.5 (Elton Furze names first): Marilyn Smith/Trish Crighton halved with Lisa Gauci/Sally Burton; Liz Johnson/Janet Leitch beat Mary Stark/Bee McKechnie 4&3; Liz Titheridge/Lois King lost to Jean Parsons/Margaret Dair 2&1; Jenny Walters/Maureen Taylor lost to Louise Bradley/Linda Moss 5&4.


Midweek Stableford: 1 Richard L Hall 33pts; 2 Babu Odedra 33pts.



Queen Mother Cup: 1 Cath Hunt 43pts; 2 Heather McCrae 40pts; 3 Rebecca Core 37pts.

9 Hole Winter Lge: 1 Anne Curwen 18pts, 2nd Margaret Seed 15pts, 3rd Carol Alban 14pts.


Captain’s Day: 1 Philip Baines 37pts; Iain Caville 35pts; 3 Roger Coe 33pts; 4 David Asher 33pts; 5 Ray Tempest 33pts; 6 George Walters 33pts; 7 David Riley 32pts; 8 Peter Cudbertson 32pts. Nearest the Pin on the 14th – Dave Jones; Nearest the Pin on the 16th – Dave Riley.


Orton Meadows P’boro Mini Golf Summer Lge Rd 1: 1 Paul Farnham 38pts; 2 Greg Kaczmarcsyk 38pts; 3 Roxton Chapman 38pts.



Winter Order of Merit final round: 1 Paul Thwaites 39pts; 2 Mark Dorsett 39pts; 3 Russ Holden 39pts. Final standings - 1 Russ Holden 195pts; 2 Pete Maksymiw 176pts; 3 Chris Tapsell 166pts.

Winter League knockout final: Tony Mould/Dave Copley beat Bob Aitman/Tim Brown 3&1.


Winter League final round: Division One: 1 Neil Southwell net 66; 2 David Aldred net 68; 3 Bernie Bell net 69. Division Two - 1 John Clinton net 70; 2 Alan Sorlie net 71; 3 Russ Holden net 71. Final standings - 1 Russ Holden 312pts; 2 Keith Godwin 260pts; 3 Peter Palmer 259pts.


Winter Order of Merit final round: 1 Gilly Grant; 2= Pat Jamieson and Chris Edwards; 3 Liz Haughton; 4 Fay Taylor; 5 Liz Taylor. Final standings - 1 Isabella Condie 137.5pts; 2 Liz Taylor 105pts; 3= Sophie Beardsall and Kay Ropson 104.5pts.



Sycamore Cup: 1 Chris Craven / Steve Bradley; 2 Paul Mason / Mark Jarmain.

Cornthwaite Bowl: 1 Neil Barnes; 2 Phil Ackers.

Rutland County 4.5, Ramsey 1.5 (Ramsey names only): Mark Thurmott/Bob Suswain. halved; Chris Craven/ John Harris lost; Terry Cripps/Nick Lunniss won; Dave Humphreys/Adrian Malloy lost; Alan Weston/Mike King lost; Nigel Pratt/Adam Daly lost.