SWANNY'S WORLD OF SPORT: Spurs are the biggest wasters

So another Premier League season comes to an end. It's been another dull one with one of the most boring teams in the competition coming out on top for the season in a row.

Saturday, 28th May 2016, 9:00 am
Eden Hazard.

Here are my thoughts on the 2015-16 season...


Did you see Eden Hazard’s goal for Chelsea against Liverpool earlier this month? It was quite brilliant, but begs the question where has he been hiding all season?

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Jurgen Klopp.

Chelsea’s players have been a disgrace this season, appearing to play when it suited them, none more so than Hazard who now wants to stay at Stamford Bridge apparently, probably after realising his dismal form has put Real Madrid off him.


As I said at the time Sunderland appointing Sam Allardyce as manager guaranteed survival as well as dour football.


Jurgen Klopp.

Newcastle hanging on to Steve McClaren beyond Christmas was stupid, even by Magpies’ standards.


Spurs are the biggest wasters. This was their chance to win a rare title and they blew it. If they’d beaten Leicester at home in January they’d have gone top of the league.

Of all the teams worried by the inevitable improvement of Chelsea and Manchester City next season, Spurs should be the most concerned as I bet they won’t invest enough to keep pace. They might resort to clogging earlier next season than they did last season.


Supporters’ views are important, but not that important. This season has seen too many demonstrations about managers (Arsene Wenger, Roberto Martinez etc) from fans with ridiculous entitlement levels.

These hyperactive fans with short attention spans might actually put managers off applying for jobs.


So 13th place in the Premier League and an FA Cup semi-final appearance wasn’t good enough for Watford, who easily out-performed the other two clubs who won promotion from the Championship last season. The sacking of Quique Sanchez Flores as Hornets manager was a disgrace.


Liverpool will finish above Spurs next season. They will finish in a Champions League place in the Premier League. And Jurgen Klopp (right) will be the reason. He’s an inspiration. I love him and rate him. Players will join Liverpool just to play for him.

Ignore all this rubbish about him losing five cup finals in a row, two of them were to Bayern Munich, one to Manchester City and one to the team who win the Europa League every season.


Or lack of it actually. They seem to think pipping Spurs for the right to finish second 10 points behind Leicester is worth celebrating. It isn’t. Spurs stayed in the title race for a month longer than Arsenal who also face being left behind next season.