SWANNY'S WORLD OF SPORT: An expert iin food not football is picking the next England manager

Can we really do no better than Gareth Southgate?

Thursday, 30th June 2016, 8:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 5:38 pm
Gareth Southgate.

Probably not given the standard of the FA committee chosen to find the next England manager.

The man to be charged with going further than Wales in the next World Cup will be appointed by a chief executive with a background in food rather than football, a former West Brom youth team boss and a man who has never made a managerial appointment in his life.

At least the latter, David Gill, spent over a decade working with the best boss of them all, Sir Alex Ferguson, so he might have some insight, but Martin Glenn and Dan Ashworth? Give me strength.

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Slaven Bilic.

Glenn doubtless did a sound job at Cadburys and United Biscuits, but his admission he’s not a ‘football expert’ at a press conference this week should exclude him from the selection process.

As should Dan Ashworth’s decision to give Ade ‘Hoofball’ Boothroyd a job in the England youth set-up.

Ashworth has risen without trace to become the most powerful man in English football. It’s a scary fact. What is there in his background (or his work so far) to suggest he can help deliver success in a tournament? He’s a schoolteacher with a clip board. He’s never played a professional football match in his life.

Southgate, like Boothroyd, is one of his boys though so lord help us if a man who took Middlesbrough down from the Premier League becomes the man expected to topple Mexico in the next World Cup.

Alan Pardew.

I missed most of the Iceland match (thank goodness) in favour of watching a club tennis match which rather emphasises the disconnect I feel towards the pampered Premier League prima donnas and over-paid managers and coaches who make up my national team.

I get angry with England performances, but I get more upset when Posh lose a big match.

The time has surely come for fans to boycott England friendlies in protest at the out-of-touch, half-hearted, passion-free millionaires strolling about on the pitch.

I saw the last 20 minutes of the Iceland game and England were so clueless I started wishing Andy Carroll had been selected just to give the aimless long balls and inaccurate crosses some hope of leading to a goal.

Dan Ashworth.

Hodgson was a man without a plan A never mind a plan B. He should never have been given the job in the first place as his work at Liverpool had shown how out of touch he was at the highest level. And he should certainly have been sacked after a World Cup campaign that lasted two games.

I am anti foreign coaches, but this Euros campaign has been so pitiful I’d support the appointment of Slaven Bilic. His punditry at the tournament has shown that he’s mad enough to accept the post.

Emerging managers/ coaches like Eddie Howe and Sean Dyche lack the experience of working with the best players and Alan Pardew should only be considered if smugness and ego become relevant to winning matches.

Slaven Bilic.
Alan Pardew.
Dan Ashworth.