SWANNY'S WORLD OF SPORT: Best League in the world? LOL, but Kante is a hero

Every time a Wayne Rooney or a Harry Kane is described as '˜great' a video of Lionel Messi (above) in action should be played.

Friday, 28th April 2017, 2:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:43 pm
Lionel Messi is the greatest

Every time the Premier League is described as the greatest competition in the world a video of Barcelona v Real Madrid should be broadcast.

How many times this season have you eagerly anticipated a clash between the so-called big clubs in the Premier League and been underwhelmed by the action?

Especially if Jose Mourinho is managing one of the teams involved. Exhibit one: Manchester City 0, Manchester United 0 last night (April 27).

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Jose Mourinho delivers dull football.

More often than not I’d venture, but El Clasico rarely disappoints because the real superstars of the game like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo want to win with outrageous acts of skill rather than with packed defences and the hope of a breakaway goal against the run of play.


Footballers catch on eventually. N’Golo Kante should have won the player-of-the-season prize last season ahead of Leicester team-mate Riyad Mahrez.

His worth has been proven by Leicester’s ordinary campaign this time around, while Kante has moved on to collect a second Premier League title among far better players.

N'Golo Kante with his player of the year trophy.
Jose Mourinho delivers dull football.
N'Golo Kante with his player of the year trophy.