SWANNY'S WORLD OF SPORT: An average set of players damned by a fine peerformance

Leicester City's unscrupulous players and panicky owners should be careful what they wish for.

Thursday, 2nd March 2017, 11:00 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:50 am
Leicester City players celebrate a goal against Liverpool.

The fact that the fame-hungry chairman of everyone’s least favourite club (apart from MK Dons) has spoken to Roy Hodgson about an unnecessary vacancy should set the alarm bells ringing in the King Power dressing room.

Hodgson is a busted flush of a manager. A dinosaur last seen leading England to a nightmare defeat against Iceland on the back of hopeless tactics and a depressingly negative vision.

Still the players probably don’t care who is appointed, now they’ve shown who the real powerbrokers at the club are.

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Oh please appoint Roy Hodgson as Leicester City manager.

If they don’t take to Hodgson, Craig Speakspeare, Roberto Mancini or even Jose Mourinho if he lost his marbles and came down for a challenge, they can just down tools again and force a compliant owner to make another change.

And isn’t that just now Leicester’s biggest problem? Who on earth would want to work with a set of players who barely broke into a sweat until Monday night when they were fortunate to find a Liverpool team managed by the most over-rated boss in the Premier League?

This squad, from the attention-seeking goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel to the one-season wonder Jamie Vardy (right) can no longer be trusted to put in a shift.

Did you see that post-match interview with Vardy and Danny Drinkwater? They couldn’t have looked any shiftier. Laughably Vardy claimed the criticism of a team who have fallen apart this season was ‘unfair’.

Claudio Ranieir has been unfairly treated by Leicester City.

Anyway no matter what was achieved a new boss of this particular club would never match the achievements of the man they replaced. It’s a lose-lose situation for a manager and you’d have to be mad, desperate or both to take a job in those circumstances.

Maybe Hodgson is desperate. Maybe Hodgson thinks the British public have forgotten how useless he was when things got tough in his last post.

Leicester outplayed lacklustre Liverpool on Monday night, but they were damned by their performance.

Form comes and goes, especially to average players like those found at Leicester, but effort should be a minimum requirement. They are fit lads in the Premier League these days so running fast, hard and for 90 minutes should be easy.

Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy.

Apparently not. Leicester’s players ran 10k further on Monday than in any other game this season, They didn’t defeat Liverpool tactically, they beat them with workrate, something they neglected to show under the manager who led them to the greatest Premier League victory (and huge wage increases and bonuses) of all time.

Can it be right the players take all the credit for the success, but none of the blame for failure? Of course not which is why and true football fans want Leicester City to go down.

Oh please appoint Roy Hodgson as Leicester City manager.
Claudio Ranieir has been unfairly treated by Leicester City.
Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy.