SWANNY’S WORLD OF SPORT: Mata is a hero, ladies golf good, ladies football bad, unfair play

Charitable Manchester United star Juan Mata.
Charitable Manchester United star Juan Mata.
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In the days of greedy players and greedy TV presenters, how refreshing to see a star name pledge to donate some of his earnings to charity.

Okay it’s only 1% of a massive salary, but it’s still a considerable sum and it’s a start from Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata. It should be law that money for all transfers goes towards good causes. Take it from the agents’ cut.

Filthy rich Neymar.

Filthy rich Neymar.


I tried to watch the live action from the Women’s Euros, I really did. I started to view the semi-final between England and Holland having read so many glowing reports on a) the standard of our team and b) the standard of football generally.

But it’s obvious to me why our Women’s Premier League clubs play in front of crowds that would shame Accrington Stanley.

Ladies football, much like ladies cricket, is just not that interesting. It’s just not entertaining.

England Lioness Toni Duggan.

England Lioness Toni Duggan.

I don’t watch much local non-league football for the same reason, apart from Netherton United FC with whom I have a long-standing connection.

I’m not sexist. I enjoyed the Women’s Open golf for instance. But I won’t watch just because the PC Brigade tell me I should.


So the financial fair play rules that are supposed to prevent football clubs living beyond their means haven’t stopped a £200 million transfer of Barcelona’s third best player (Neymar, above) to Paris St Germain. In simple terms financial fair play means clubs can only spend what they generate. That income shouldn’t include billions of pounds of oil sponsorship money. An investigation will doubtless be started followed by an inevitable whitewash of a superpower. A smaller club wouldn’t get away with such a flagrant breach of rules.


The Premier League is back. The return of the prima donnas, hypetastic TV shows and watching West Brom. Great.