SWANNY’S WORLD OF SPORT: Heroic Federer, Wenger’s let off, bad guys do win

Heroic Roger Federer isn't perfect.
Heroic Roger Federer isn't perfect.
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It’s a shame he benefitted from an obnoxious, partisan Aussie crowd and that he took advantage of the lax rules regarding medical timeouts which halt momentum, but it was still a fine effort by a 35 year-old to win his 18th Grand Slam title

Dig through the hype attached to an old school Australian Open Final against Rafa Nadal and it was actually a poor quality contest for four sets.

Arsene Wenger has received a light punishment.

Arsene Wenger has received a light punishment.

Andy Murray should be kicking himself.


To the surprise of absolutely no-one the Football Association let those of us involved in grassroots football down with their lenient treatment of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger (above).

Laying hands on a match official can be punished with a sine die ban at local parks level, but at Premier League level it’s a four-game touchline ban which to be honest is no ban at all.

Dimitri Payet should have been left to rot in West Ham's reserves.

Dimitri Payet should have been left to rot in West Ham's reserves.

There’s no point in issuing fines either as they make no impact on multi-millionaires.

Wenger is no fool, although he was foolish enough to get into trouble by contesting a most obvious penalty decision. But he remains smarter then the fools on the FA disciplinary committee who were no doubt starstruck by his appearance in front of him.


It was always too much to hope that West Ham United would stay strong and let sulking prima donna Dimitri Payet rot in the reserves for the rest of the season. Money talks as Payet knew it would so he gets what he wants and so do Marseilles, the club who helped to unsettle him.

Football is a dirty business, one increasingly run by sharks for sharks.


Golf tournaments are far harder to win than tennis tournaments so those expecting Tiger Woods to emulate Roger Federer are bound to be disappointed. Every week there appears to be a new winner of a golfing event, but the biggest tennis prizes remain in the hands of the elite. Woods is finished. I wish he’d just quit.