SWANNY’S WORLD OF SPORT: Failures galore, petty Wales, the best of the Euros so far

Three unwise men (from left): Gary Neville, Roy Hodgson, Ray Lewington.
Three unwise men (from left): Gary Neville, Roy Hodgson, Ray Lewington.
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It baffles me how many poor, failed manager and coaches end up working with England.

Ray Lewington has been Roy Hodgson’s faithful assistant in his entire time as England boss. Apart from probably agreeing with every dreadful decision Hodgson made, what were Lewington’s qualifications? What had he done at modest clubs Fulham and Brentford to earn a crack at a World Cup and a Euros?

And Gary Neville has proven in Valencia and France that skilled punditry has no relevance to management/coaching. He’s finished at the top.

Did you see the celebrations of the Wales players when England were knocked out of the Euros by Iceland? What strange behaviour. What proof of a small-minded, petty mentality.

Going further than England in a major tournament is no big deal. We hardly ever win a game, although of course we did deservedly beat a negative, flair-free Wales this time around.

Anyway I do hope the Welsh players have tired themselves out ahead of their first game against a decent opponent and Belgium hammer them. I might dance round the living room chanting like a small child if it happens.

Best player in the Euros so far: Antoine Griezmann Best coach: Antonio Conte. Best team: Italy. Best match: Hungary v Portugal. Best performance: Italy v Spain,