SWANNY’S WORLD OF SPORT: Brendan remains deluded

Deluded Brendan Rodgers
Deluded Brendan Rodgers
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There’s a reason why there’s a popular ‘@Deluded Brendan’ Twitter account with 345,000 followers.

The clue is in the title. Rodgers suffers from a severe case of exaggeratednonsense-itis and he was at it again last week after the Celtic team he now manages clinched their sixth Scottish Premier Pub League title in a row.

'Juggling' Joe Lewis.

'Juggling' Joe Lewis.

Rodgers (right) has been at Parkhead for the last one of them so he can’t even claim to have transformed them in the (very impressive) way he once transformed Swansea City.

Winning promotion from the Championship with Swansea in 2011 was arguably a greater achievement than extending Celtic’s domination of a one-horse race.

Actually, scrub that there is no doubt Swansea finishing above Leeds United, Burnley and Leicester is a far bigger achievement than Celtic finishing above Inverness Caledonian Thistle and Hamilton Academicals.

The team closest to Celtic this season, Aberdeen, has ‘Juggling’ Joe Lewis in goal. The team in third, Rangers, has footballing pensioner Clint Hill in the centre of their defence.

Luis Suarez made Brendan Rodgers look good.

Luis Suarez made Brendan Rodgers look good.

I mention all this to explain why I laughed loudly at Rodgers’ post-title-winning claim that Celtic would finish in the top six in the English Premier League.

He can make such a ridiculous boast in the knowledge it will never be tested.

But I’d love to know which of Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United or Arsenal, he believes Celtic could beat over a 38-game season?

Heck it’s insulting to Everton and even Leicester to suggest they could possibly finish below a Scottish team who are exposed as hopeless every time they step out of their comfort zone.

Over 60,000 screaming Celtic fans at Parkhead wouldn’t intimidate the likes of West Brom and Watford. Scott Sinclair and Moussa Dembele wouldn’t worry a Tony Pulis-coached team.

Credit Rodgers for re-building a career, and embellishing a CV, in a backwater, but he’s a fool if he believes it will eventually lead to a job at a really big club.

Not all English Premier League chairmen as daft as Ellis Short at Sunderland.

Luis Suarez made Rodgers look a far better manager than the reality, just as the Uruguayan made Dan Sturridge look a competent striker.

When Suarez left Liverpool, Rodgers floundered, although he naturally didn’t see it himself.

The Liverpool team he selected to take on Real Madrid in a European Champions League match at the Bernabeu in 2014 still makes me shudder.

If it was a masterplan based on future results it failed as Liverpool lost their next game against Chelsea at Anfield and the one after that at Crystal Palace.

Rodgers was deluded then and he remains deluded now.

He should stay at Celtic and forget delusions of grandeur for him and his team.