Warning! This book could be bad for you

Peterborough United news from the Peterborough Telegraph
Peterborough United news from the Peterborough Telegraph
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‘From Hobby to Obsession’, the story of Darragh MacAnthony’s six years at Posh should carry a Government Health Warning.

It’s written at such a fast pace, (the pace at which the chairman appears to have led his life), the unsuspecting will be out of breath before half-way. It’s also dangerously addictive.

There are revelations here that made me shudder, and not just the fact that Lee Tomlin was spotted eating a salad.

From the shock of MacAnthony having more money than God to losing 85% of his wealth in the worldwide property crash, to the absurd wages paid to certain players, all that and more is in here

But this is basically a book about relationships.

Some of the most powerful passages cover the sacking of Ferguson, negotiations with mstery man CH (hmm I wonder) and a blazing row with Barry Fry over the possible sale of Craig Mackail-Smith.

MacAnthony comes across as fearless, argumentative and bossy, but also compassionate, caring, dynamic, loyal and emotional, and never anything other than brutally honest.

The language is a bit ripe at times, but just adds to the tone of gritty realism.

It’s also a master-stroke to get Ferguson and Fry to write their own chapters and neither holds back.

The main characters have clearly had their ups and downs, but it’s also obvious that they’d walk through walls for their ultimate boss.

The book will set you back £14.99 in hardback and £6.99 on kindle, ibook, kobo and google books.

It’s expected to be on general sale next week and if you’re passionate about Posh you will love it, less so if you have failed to meet the author’s expectations.

It’s so good I can forgive the odd factual error as Chris Turner’s double-promotion winning side from the 1990s appear to have been forgotten.

Alan Swann