The toughest decision yet for Posh chairman MacAnthony

Dave Robertson celebrates a win over Leyton Orient.
Dave Robertson celebrates a win over Leyton Orient.
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Posh chairman Darragh MacAnthony will soon face one of the biggest decisions of his time at the club.

MacAnthony will appoint a new first-team manager after the League One season ends on May 3.

Current incumbent Dave Robertson is one manager in the running and he’s made a decent fist of running the side since the departure of Darren Ferguson in Ferbruary.

But will MacAnthony want a rookie boss especially as he made a similar mistake with Mark Cooper back in 2009?

The list of out-of-work managers is not exactly enticing. Talk of Nigel Adkins and, particularly, Mark Warburton taking the job seem overly-optimistic.

Steve Evans, the current Rotherham manager who has a house in Wansford, is a persistent rumour, but how would he react to a post-game Twitter rant from his chairman?

Posh current form is not doing Robertson any favours, but, with the exception of youth team graduates like Harry Anderson, it is not his first-team squad.

Maybe the players and not the manager are the real problem.

Reasons to appoint Robbo. . .

1) Don’t under-estimate the job Robertson did when replacing Darren Ferguson in February. Posh were on the slide, but within weeks they had reached sixth in League One. Relegation was a possibility, but was quickly snuffed out under the new manager.

2) Robertson showed bravery with his initial team selection. He wasn’t afraid to axe players who had become regulars under Ferguson. He’s clearly not frightened of big decisions.

3) Some players improved dramitaclly under Robertson. Gaby Zakuani, Ricardo Santos and Michael Bostwick in particular. Getting Santos to play well is a major achievement as he was struggling big-time under Ferguson.

4) If Posh are going with young players next season then who better to lead them than an expert in youth team foortball?

5) Apart from one dozy display at Scunthorpe, the players have generally worked hard and played with great commitment under Robertson. Listening to Zakuani this week it’s clear the players would be happy for Robertson to continue.

Reasons not to appoint Robbo . . .

1)The financial boost Posh would get from Championship football is huge so will the chairman want a rookie manager when there could be people available with League One promotions on their CV?

2) Like many before him Robertson has failed to turn a ‘new-manager’ boost into permanent improvement. Posh haven’t won for six games and they’ve played some struggling sides in that run. He hasn’t managed to find a sucessful formation/style since his initially effective 4-4-2 system was sussed.

3) Is Robertson the man to find Posh new players? His three loan signings on transfer deadline day, two of whom have already disappeared, suggest he isn’t.

4) Posh need a fresh start completely and Robertson doesn’t provide a new voice having been at the club for so long.

5) Is Robertson able to affect games that are not going Posh’s way by making instinctive decisions? He chucked Santos up front rather then Aaron Mclean recently and should have sent a centre-back rather than a young forward on last weekend at Barnsley?