The six-minute Posh AGM

Representing Posh at the Annual General Meeting were (from left) Bob Symns, Dave Robertson and Barry Fry. Photo: Joe Dent/
Representing Posh at the Annual General Meeting were (from left) Bob Symns, Dave Robertson and Barry Fry. Photo: Joe Dent/
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An Annual General Meeting was brief for Peterborough United today (March 21). It was over within six minutes, the length of just six Steven Gerrard appearances.

Around 30 shareholders turned up at the ABAX Stadium to re-elect chairman Darragh MacAnthony and chief executive officer Bob Symns to to the club’s board of directors and to approve the minutes of the 2014 AGM as well as receive the accounts for the year ending May 2015.

Those latest accounts recorded a profit of just under £1.8 million in a 12-month period when striker Dwight Gayle was sold to Crystal Palace for £6 million.

Questions on the accounts included one referring to why the salary earned by the highest paid Posh director was no longer recorded. “We don’t have to any more,” was the succinct reply no doubt welcomed by director of football Barry Fry and those of us who like to get outraged by his earnings.

Posh boss Dave Robertson, who received two rounds of applause from the board members present as well as the shareholders, was on the AGM panel ready to take questions from the floor. It’s a Posh tradition of recent years and Robertson’s success so far (five wins out of six) was reflected in the lack of questions he received.

He was eventually asked about squad strength and whether or not he was happy with it. He is, although he’d love cover at full-back for Michael Smith and Kgosi Ntlhe.

Grant McCann’s playing future was mentioned, but Robertson is happy with the coaching work of the Posh fans’ favourite and Fry revealed that the club don’t yet have the necessary international clearance for the midfielder to play in League One.

As often happens in fans’ forums, questions some would find insigificant in the grand scheme of things were discussed, like the size of the Posh fixture cards, the possibility of a park and ride system to the ABAX Stadium and why the club have failed to sign any Polish players given the number of immigrants from that country currently living in the Peterborough area.

“Not found one good enough yet,” Was Fry’s abrupt answer to the last question before the far more diplomatic Robertson stressed the good work done by the club’s community team in all areas of Peterborough.

All business was concluded at 12.23pm, 23 minutes after the start. The absence of MacAnthony and a couple of the more verbose shareholders can explain that.