SWANNY’S WORLD OF SPORT: A poor Posh decision, whining bosses are a festive pain

Posh fans queueing up for Chelsea FA Cup tickets.
Posh fans queueing up for Chelsea FA Cup tickets.
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Someone should be suffering from the burden of responsibility for the farcical way Posh distributed their FA Cup tickets ahead of tomorrow’s third round tie at Chelsea.

Failing to look after season ticket holders adequately and making it possible for occasional /first time supporters to get tickets for Stamford Bridge with a minimum of effort were PR disasters which could well return to haunt the club.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

A member of my extended family will be attending a match in this country for the first time in her life on Sunday, while loyal, committed supporters, who fork out £440 a pop every summer when a club’s cashflow is otherwise non-existent, are forced to stay at home. How on earth can that be right?

The club’s half-hearted attempts to justify a poor decision have merely added fuel to the fire.


Every Christmas/New Year is the same. Managers, usually the ones who have had bad results like Jurgen Klopp, whine about the hectic schedule forced upon their players. Sadly they even find support from sycophantic members of the media.

Football is an entertainment business (apart from at Middlesbrough) and us fans love our holiday games. Why not put us first?

Premier League players are pampered beyond belief. They shouldn’t be granted a fortnight off in the middle of the season just because they’re tired.

Top-flight squads have never been bigger. Use them, while remembering that the scheduling of matches is done at the behest of the Sky and BT, two companies who add millions to the already swollen coffers of the Premier League.