POSH PREVIEW - Northern lights to dazzle Posh on their travels

A general view of Bramall Lane.
A general view of Bramall Lane.
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The third tier of English football next season has been described as ‘League One North’. Here Alan Swann takes you through the 5,343 miles Posh fans will have to travel to support their favourite team in every League One match this season.


Distance: 101.3

Travel time: 2hrs 7 mins

Reason to go: Generous away ticket allocation and unreserved seating.

Downside; Barnsley has a reputation for zealous stewarding.

Rating: ***


Distance: 196.85

Travel time: 3hrs 41mins

Reason to go: Join in the chants aimed at the worst owner in the Football League.

Downside: The grim selection of pubs and cafes, especially in the middle of winter.

Rating: **


Distance: 86.1

Travel time: 2hrs 30mins

Reason to go: Great place for curry-lovers.

Downside: You need that curry to protect against the chill.

Rating: ***


Distance: 70.21

Travel time: 1hr 46mins

Reason to go: New ground for many Posh fans, an away fans terrace, chip butties in crusty bread.

Downside: Memories of an FA Cup defeat under Mark Wright still make me shudder.

Rating: ****


Distance: 154.3

Travel time: 2hrs 57mins

Reason to go: Only £18 to get in last season.

Downside: It lacks decent pubs near the ground.

Rating: **


Distance: 88.55

Travel time: 1hr 46mins

Reason to go: Terific modern stadium, well compared to Saltergate anyway.

Downside: Parking isn’t easy.

Rating: ****


Distance: 96

Travel time: 2hrs 1min

Reason to go: Easy drive, plenty of parking, it’s not Layer Road, great Posh memories.

Downside: Low crowds = poor atmosphere (unless it’s a promotion party).

Rating: ****


Distance: 68.91

Travel time: 1hr 35mins

Reason to go: It’s a grand stadium for League One standards. On-site facilities are excellent (including casino).

Downside; Don’t go if you’re a degenerate gambler.

Rating: ****


Distance: 136.6

Travel time: 2hrs 33 mins

Reason to go: Easy by rail.

Downside: Posh will play badly.

Rating: **


Distance: 87.58

Travel time: 1hr 51mins

Reason to go: Cracking acoustics in a terrific stadium leads to a good atmosphere. Easy to get to.

Downside: It can be a pain getting away from the ground in a car.

Rating: ****


Distance: 200.88

Travel time: 3hrs 48mins

Reason to go: Friendly, old-fashioned club. Beer can be purchased in the away stand.

Downside: The town is quiet which means early travellers might have to head for bleak Blackpool first.

Rating: ***


Distance: 113.5

Travel time: 2hrs 12mins

Reason to go: It’s the only chance to visit Kent, the Garden of England.

Downside: A visiting stand without a roof. Just hope it doesn’t rain or get too cold.

Rating: **


Distance: 88.23

Travel time: 2hrs 16mins

Reason to go: The area might have a rough reputation, but the stadium itself is excellent.

Downside: Some fans remain hostile.

Rating: **


Distance: 146.5

Travel time: 2hrs 48mins

Reason to go: It’s a long way, it will be cold, three points no longer guaranteed, so nothing really.

Downside: See above

Rating: *


Distance: 104.8

Travel time: 2hrs 26mins

Reason to go: Star-spotting to see if famous fan Robbie Williams turns up.

Downside: Too many ‘home fans only’ pubs.

Rating: **


Distance: 147.23

Travel time: 2hrs 57mins

Reason to go: The best DJ in League One was here last season, the legendary Cemetery Pub remains popular for visiting fans, particularly real ale fans.

Downside: Away fans housed down one side of the ground rather than behind the goal.

Rating: ***


Distance: 85.26

Travel time: 2hrs 2mins

Reason to go: Dual carraigeway all the way. Don’t use the dreadful A15.

Downside: Soul-less modern-ish stadium in an industrial area.

Rating: **


Distance: 92.9

Travel time: 2hrs 1 min

Reason to go: Biggest crowds in League One, in a marvellous old stadium. Atmosphere will be excellent now boring Nigel Cough has gone.

Downside: It’s a city centre venue so traffic and parking are tough.

Rating: *****


Distance: 129.6

Travel time: 2hrs 30mins

Reason to go: The steak pie on offer wins awards most seasons.

Downside: Bland stadium lacking character. The James Milner of League One grounds.

Rating: **


Distance: 103.08

Travel time: 2hrs 2mins

Reason to go: Been a long while since Posh played at this traditional old-style ground. Visit the ‘Fish House’ near the stadium if hungry, longest pier in the UK if that sort of thing excites you.

Downside: There have been some restricted view issues at Roots Hall which is problematic when the away following is large.

Rating: ***


Distance: 111.5

Travel time: 2hrs 33mins

Reason to go: Lots of reserved seating for away fans.

Downside: A rip-off club car park (£10!) and a very dull town.

Rating: **


Distance: 91

Travel time: 1hr 52mins

Reason to go: Easy drive, balti pies remain top notch.

Downside: It will be 0-0.

Rating: ***


Distance: 170.81

Travel time: 3hrs 11mins

Reason to go: Excellent facilities at a club in the Premier League not so long ago. Lots of room as it’s not a football town.

Downside: It’s a rugby league town. It’s a long way away.

Rating: ****