POSH PREVIEW - I didn’t buy a football club to be mediocre or to be in a league to make up numbers

Peterborough United chairman Darragh Macanthony.
Peterborough United chairman Darragh Macanthony.
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Peterborough United chairman Darragh Macanthony delivers his annual pre-season message.

“Every year the Peterborough Telegraph asks me to contribute to their pre-season supplement and each year I jot down my own targets and ambitions for the club in a true, honest fashion and each year I of course get accused of ‘being over ambitious’, ‘putting unnecessary pressure on the team’, ‘building up fans’ expectations,’ ‘being unrealistic’ and so on.

But the harsh truth to this is simple - I didn’t buy a football club to be mediocre or to just be in a league to make up the numbers or to just see how we get on etc.

I bought a football team to:

A. Be successful

B. Enjoy what I am paying for and what I watch every game

C. Aim for the top, as unrealistic as that may seem at times

D. Win every game we play

E. Score a shed load of goals

F. Try and bring in millions through the odd sale so club is self-sustainable.

G. Engage with fans old and new and to keep plugging away to grow our fan base in an ever-expanding city

H. See a return on all the money invested in our training ground and youth set-up

So pardon me for the following aims and targets and for never changing my expectations, vision and dreams for our football club.

I want to see the following things happen this season:

l Promotion.

l Promotion .

l Promotion.

l Another cup for the trophy cabinet .

l 120 goals from 60 plus games (should cup runs go to plan).

l A proper title challenge .

l Win the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy for the final time.

l Provide the Golden Boot winner.

l Provide the League One player of year award.

l 7k average crowds again.

l Consistency.

l An injury free season.

l International recognition for many of our talented younger players.

l Another big seven-figure sale later in the season.

l See the pitch still look good after Christmas .

l Having a quiet twitter year

l Seeing plenty of success for this wonderful management team who deserve nothing but great things to happen for them

l Selling the club to a Russian ‘Bournemouth-type owner’ who will take the club to the promised land within three years and really make 100% of all Posh fans incredibly happy!

l Seeing more redevelopment of the ground in summer of 2016 to make it proper semi-modern, all-seater stadium.

l The youth team having a successful league and cup season.

Not very much to ask for is it?