Peterborough United fans give mixed verdict to new home shirt

Ivan Toney in the new Posh home shirt.
Ivan Toney in the new Posh home shirt.
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Peterborough United have today (Friday) launched their new home shirt for the 2019/20 season.

Here are your views on the new Posh home kit as told to @PTAlanSwann on Twitter...

The way they club hyped it all up in the last few weeks to have this is just awful. Can genuinely pay £10 for the template on the Nike website.


The pro version with EFL badges etc make the kit look a million times better. The fans version is quite basic!


Imagine caring about the design of a football shirt.


Stick on badge, very little design. Poor in my opinion, especially for £45. Obviously I will buy one as will most whatever it looks like, but just seems lazy from suppliers these days.


For £45 every season I’d expect something a bit different each time. It’s smart and the marketing department have done a fantastic job plugging it. But it’s a little underwhelming.


Very boring, hopefully the away one is a nice luminous colour.


More boring plain designs by Nike, hopefully their last season supplying kits for Posh.


Not loads different,but a very nice kit and of course it will be a memorable kit by the end of the season!


Can we play in the away kit all season? Unless that’s worse, but I doubt it can be.


Not much different, but looks crisp without the white.


What were they expecting? Only so many ways you can have a blue shirt.


Looks smart to me, nothing wrong with it. Don’t understand the obsession over original designs. Pretty much most Nike/Adidas etc kits are from a template especially lower league teams.


It shows how much I notice kits that I had to Google last year’s to check that it had white on it. The 90s pizza kit mind I can describe in nauseating detail!


It’s the message that a club can lazily release the same(ish) shirt knowing that fans will buy it (because that’s what a good fan does). You know it and the club knows it.


It’s a nice shirt. I like it and it looks good. But I won’t buy it as it differs only marginally from last season’s. After all it’s still a plain blue shirt. Think this will be the issue most with fans. I look forward to seeing which ‘day glo’ colour we’ve picked for the away one.


I rate the shirt, I like that it’s plain and looks smart.


After building the kit release launch day up like we have there was always going to be this sort of reaction to such a simple design that doesn’t offer much different from the previous. Kit manufacturers need to offer more unique designs and be held accountable by clubs.


I think the problem is that they had a big campaign about it, got us all excited and then it isn’t very different to last year’s


Nothing wrong with the shirt.