McCANN SACKING: MacAnthony backs a Peterborough United legend to become a successful manager and a new boss could be announced soon

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Chairman Darragh MacAnthony has backed club legend and close family friend Grant McCann to become a successful Football League manager.

MacAnthony issued a statement on Facebook today (February 26) to back-up his dismissal of Posh boss McCann last night.

Posh chairman Darragh MacAnthony (right) with Grant McCann.

Posh chairman Darragh MacAnthony (right) with Grant McCann.

He expressed regret at having to make such a tough decision as well as sorrow at ‘letting McCann down.’ He insists his current family holiday won’t stop him making a quick announcement on a replacement.

MacAnthony’s statement read: “Goodbye to a club legend for now! Obviously the news has broken about Grant leaving the club as first team manager. I want to thank him for the last three-plus years he has worked as first the assistant and then the first team manager.

“In that time he has become a close friend of mine, but also somebody I have tremendous respect and admiration for. Grant has worked tirelessly in the pursuit of turning us into promotion candidates, bringing through many of our under 18s into the first team squad and turning players like Jack Marriott and Marcus Maddison into two of the best players outside of the Premier League.

“Grant has a young family and to watch him, with the tremendous support of his wife Kelly, throw himself into this job 24/7 is a testament to the man himself.

Grant McCann (right) the Posh player with chairman Darragh MacAnthony in 2013.

Grant McCann (right) the Posh player with chairman Darragh MacAnthony in 2013.

“To throw out statistics and reasons to justify my decision on making a change isn’t what I will do as this young manager and forever a club legend doesn’t deserve that as we say goodbye for now, but what I will say is Grant is loyal, ambitious, positive-minded, energetic, hard working and will make a fantastic manager for another football club and hopefully very soon.

“He came in, steadied the ship, made large changes and the two years he spent crafting/learning his trade at such a young age at our club will result in whoever gets him next, a very lucky football club.

“Some have criticised me for going away whilst this change has happened which people are entitled to say so or take a dig at me. Bottom line is that I myself give my heart and soul and wallet for this football club and spent 30 days away from my wife and three young children in January ensuring we had a successful transfer window with a holiday planned at this stage to make up for that time away in January.

“There was no way on earth would I be letting my wife down again because of the football club and this break will not get in the way of appointing a new manager for the club.

Steve Evans (near) has been backed to become the next Posh manager.

Steve Evans (near) has been backed to become the next Posh manager.

“In life and in business the easy decisions are the lazy ones never made, but the tough decisions are the ones that define us. I own all decisions I make and do them with the best intentions and for the right reasons. Time and history will judge me for them!

“Grant, I am sorry to let you down, see you go and, one last time, I thank you.”

McCann was dismissed after securing just one League One win in 2018. At the time of writing (2pm) current Mansfield manager Steve Evans, a Posh fan who lives in Wansford, was the 32-1 favourite to succeed McCann.