MANAGER STATS: McCann is a top-10 Peterborough United boss, but the most successful managers started faster than him

Grant McCann has completed 100 matches as Posh manager.
Grant McCann has completed 100 matches as Posh manager.
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Where does current Peterborough United manager Grant McCann stand in relation to the rest of the club’s managers? Read on...


Posh manager Darren Ferguson (right) and chairman Darragh MacAnthony celebrate a promotion.

Posh manager Darren Ferguson (right) and chairman Darragh MacAnthony celebrate a promotion.

(All competitions, including four games as caretaker boss)

P100 W42 D24 L34

(Football League, all League One)

P78 W32 D19 L27

Noel Cantwell had a great record as Posh boss.

Noel Cantwell had a great record as Posh boss.

(FA Cup)

P10 W5 D3 L2

(Football League Cup)

P3 W1 D0 L2

(Football League Trophy)

P9 W4 D2 L3


First 100 games as Posh manager (selected managers, all competitions).


P100 W53 D23 L24


P100 W48 D31 L21


P100 W54 D29 L17


P100 W38 D29 L33

Top managers by points percentage, 3 points for a win: 1) Jimmy Hagan 63.3% , 2) Peter Morris 51.9%, 3) John Barnwell 51.6%, 4) Mark Lawrenson 50.9%,

5) Noel Cantwell 50.7%, 6) Chris Turner 50.6%, 7) Darren Ferguson 50.1%, 8) Grant McCann 49.1%, 9) Gary Johnson 48%, 10= Keith Alexander 46.9%, 10= Gordon Clark 46.9%, 12) Mark Wright 46% 13) Graham Westley 45.4%, 14) Steve Bleasdale 45.2% (14 games), 15) Jim Iley 44.9%, 16) Norman Rigby 44.8%, 17) Martin Wilkinson 44.5%, 18) John Wile 43.7%, 19) Dave Robertson 43.3%, 20) Barry Fry 41.9%, 21) John Still 41.8%, 22) Jack Fairbother 41%, 23) Mick Jones 39.6%, 24) Mick Halsall 38.4%, 25) Dave Booth 36.4%, 26) Lil Fuccillo 35.9%, 27 Jim Gannon 31%, 28) Billy Hails 23.1%, 29) Mark Cooper 19.4% (12 games).

It’s worth noting . . .

1) Darren Ferguson earned the highest points percentage (57.9%) since Jimmy Hagan in his first spell as Posh boss, but was still sacked. His second spell in charge, which included two full seasons in the Championship, yielded a 45% return. In his first spell as Posh manager, Chris Turner’s team picked up 57.0% of the available league points.

2) Mark Cooper, Jim Gannon and Lil Fuccillo managed Posh exclusively in the second tier of the Football League. Peter Morris and Mark Lawrenson managed Posh exclusively in the old Division Four.

3) Under Grant McCann’s management Posh have averaged 1.57 goals per Football League match. That’s better than Chris Turner’s Posh teams (1.48) and more than Noel Cantwell’s (1.31), but fewer than Darren Ferguson’s Posh teams (1.62), Graham Westley’s Posh team (1.69) and Gary Johnson’s (1.84). Jimmy Hagan’s Posh team averaged a remarkable 2.55 goals per League game!

4) Barry Fry holds the record for longest managerial spell (10 years) and most games as Posh manager (491 in all competitions).

5) Dave Booth holds the record for the shortest managerial spell. He lasted 10 games under John Devaney’s chairmanship. His departure in 1991 led to the arrival of Chris Turner.

6) The above percentages do not include play-off matches.

7) Matches as caretaker-manager all included. Managers who were caretaker-managers, but didn’t become permanent managers not included.

8) The above list combined the results of managers who had two spells in charge.

9) Dave Robertson’s Posh team picked up 53% of the available League One points while he was a careteker-manager. His record slumped to 22% after he was given the job on a permanent basis.

10) Only five of the 29 permanent Posh managers in the club’s 58 year Football League history have won promotions. Hagan, Cantwell, Turner (twice), Fry and Ferguson (twice). Fry (twice) and Ferguson (twice) were also involved in relegated Posh teams.

Statistics supplied by Posh statistician Mick Robinson