Darragh to take his time over Fergie replacement

Posh chairman Darragh MacAnthony (right) will no doubt discuss the next managerial appointment with director of football Barry Fry.
Posh chairman Darragh MacAnthony (right) will no doubt discuss the next managerial appointment with director of football Barry Fry.
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Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony will not rush his next managerial appointment.

MacAnthony is seeking the sixth different Posh boss of his eight-year reign at London Road following the departure of Darren Ferguson and five members of his coaching staff.

In a wide-reaching interview with the club’s official website today (February 22), MacAnthony...

*Praised Ferguson for his work at the Posh, but hammered the recent efforts of his players.

*Condemned the work done by the Posh coaching staff.

*Claimed that several players have gone backwards this season.

*Revealed that he had a new manager in mind, but that he wouldn’t rush into an appointment as he did when Ferguson left the club in November, 2009.

*Insisted that he wanted Academy boss Dave Robertson to ‘make his life difficult’ by inspiring some better results. Robertson will be in charge for Saturday’s (February 28) League One fixture with Bradford City at the ABAX Stadium.

*Believed that Robertson would bring ‘cohesion’ to the playing squad thanks to an analytical mind and a great work ethic. The chairman will however be interviewing managerial candidates while Robertson runs the team.

*Claimed that agents had already inundated him with job applications from their clients.

*Admitted that the strength of the Posh support at MK Dons yesterday (February 21) brought a tear to his eye. ‘I was blown away,” MacAnthony stated. ‘You would have thought we were on the verge of winning the league.’

*Felt the performance at Bristol City was worse than the one at MK Dons because Posh set up not to lose rather than to win.

*Insisted that he could no longer show any patience towards Ferguson and his management team as ‘there had been far too many below par performances recently’. ‘We haven’t won a game comfortably since Crawley away in October,’ MacAnthony added. ‘When we’ve won lately we’ve been hiding behind the couch in the 90th minute.’

*Revealed he received a text message from Ferguson after the MK Dons game apologising for the display. When they spoke later on the phone, Ferguson admitted that he ‘was banging his head against a brick wall’ and that ‘the players were no longer responding to him’.

*Stated that he gave Ferguson the option of contacting his management team with the bad news over their own jobs which he did. ‘The manager fell on his sword, but he wasn’t solely responsible which is why I decided everyone had to go, They were damaging the players, not improving them.’

*Demanded that the players take responsibility for their actions and prove that they are prepared to fight for the club. ‘They need to sit down and accept that people have lost their jobs because of them,’ MacAnthony said. ‘

*Said that he only wants winners at the club. ‘I won’t settle for second best any more,’ MacAnthony stated.

*Insisted that Posh have a squad with ‘unbelievable potential’. ‘We are far better than our recent form suggests’, MacAnthony added. ‘MK Dons didn’t have to get out of third gear to beat us. We waved the white flag before half-time.’

*Admitted that he was aghast that after pumping thousands into new training facilities and support staff, there had been no improvement in fitness or injury-management. ‘Look how many goals we have let in late in games,” MacAnthony said. ‘Look how many injuries we have sustained this season.’

*Agreed that he has been appalled by the team’s defending. ‘We have defenders who can’t head the ball five yards,’ MacAnthony moaned, ‘That sort of thing has to be down to poor coaching. Opposition defenders close us down and give us no room in which to play. We don’t do that to them.’

*Insisted that pressure from fans on social media didn’t influence his decision to discard Ferguson and his coaching staff. ‘The views of 50 people don’t necessarily reflect the view of 4,000,’ MacAnthony stated.

*Revealed that the fall in gates had been a financial blow, but accepted the reasons why people had stopped watching his team. ‘We need to win back the trust of our fans,’ MacAnthony said. ‘Their support at MK Dons inspired me to want to deliver what I have promised. I remain on a mission to bring Championship football back to the club and the city.’