BIG INTERVIEW: Love for Leo, don’t mention Deon, Darragh’s favourite formation

Posh chairman Darragh MacAnthony is a big fan of Leo Da Silva Lopes.
Posh chairman Darragh MacAnthony is a big fan of Leo Da Silva Lopes.
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Darragh MacAnthony wants Peterborough United fans to start singling ‘Leo Da Silva Lopes, he’s one of our own’.”

The Posh chairman is frustrated by a perceived lack of support for a teenage midfielder he claims he could have sold in a £4 million deal last year.

Dean Moore (left) has left Posh under a cloud.

Dean Moore (left) has left Posh under a cloud.

MacAnthony said: “I see in Leo what top football people see. He is unbelievable for his age and I’d love our fans to sing about him the way Spurs fans sing about Harry Kane.

“Leo is special. His best position will be as a number 10, but he can play in any midfield position.

“I think he plays a bit safe at the moment as he’s scared to make a mistake, but believe me he can go all tyhe way in the game.

“Karl Robinson (Charlton manager) reckons he’s the best teenage player in the Football League. He’s told this to the Premier League and Championship clubs

Craig Mackail-Smith is not expected to be a Posh player next season.

Craig Mackail-Smith is not expected to be a Posh player next season.

“I could have sold Leo in November to a Championship club for £2 million with another £2 million in add ons and a 40% sell on fee.

“I don’t know why Posh fans don’t take to their own young players. It was the same with Jermaine Anderson when he was coming through.

“I watched another young couple in the reserves this week, Lewis Freestone who is a dashing left back, and Andrea Borg, who is just like Erhun Oztumer. That’s not me hyping players up for the sake of it. They will both be very good.”

Other Darragh MacAnthony comments from the exclusive, big interview with the Peterborough Telegraph ..

On Deon Moore...

“He’s left the club and I don’t want to mention his name.”

On playing formations...

“I am a 4-4-2 man. I like as many attacking players on the pitch as possible. The midfield diamond works well with the right players and Grant has used it often this season because it has generated the most wins. We might not play it next season.”

On Craig Mackail-Smith...

“Craig will be looking for one last payday. He’s on decent dough at Luton so I doubt he will be coming back here, unless the manager is really keen to make him one of his four strikers next season. I’d love Craig to do his coaching badges as he’s been brilliant with the rest of our players this season.”

On Barry Fry...

“No-one is unsackable and Barry has done a couple of things that irritated me, but if I bought another club, he’d be my first signing.”

On pre-season...

“We are planning a two-game tour of either Scotland or Ireland in July.”

On irritations in football...

“The way bigger clubs treat League One and Two clubs like paupers, the entitlement of young Premier League players, the standard of officiating, the lack of technology during games, the way some foreign owners run their clubs.”

His best quote...

“I could motivate a room full of corpses.”

His Posh player of the year...

“Gwion Edwards or Marcus Maddison.”