The brutal response of Peterborough United fans to a heavy home defeat: ‘Fergie out, abysmal players, cheapskate chairman, woeful, clueless, outclassed and even the man of the match was bad!’

Peterborough United fans didn’t hold back after watching their side’s heaviest home defeat in a Football League match for almost three-and-a-half years yesterday (January 15).

By Alan Swann
Sunday, 16th January 2022, 11:54 am
Bali Mumba of Posh slips during the game against Coventry City. Photo: Joe Dent/
Bali Mumba of Posh slips during the game against Coventry City. Photo: Joe Dent/

The manager, the chairman and the players all received stick on social media after a 4-1 mauling at the hands of Coventry City at the Weston Homes Stadium.

The PT asked for six word summaries and a man-of-the-match nomination. All replies to @PTAlanSwann on Twitter.

Woeful display way off the pace. MOM Cornell second half.

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Sammie Szmodics of Peterborough United in action against Coventry City. Photo: Joe Dent/


Bristol Rovers is more our level. MOM (Least bad): Knight


Posh inept, clueless, Coventry fans awesome.


Tactically all over the place. MOM - Josh Knight.


Mindless, clueless, hopeless and definitely pointless.


Outclassed everywhere, League One here we come.

MOM Josh Knight.


Sat in cold. Posh were awful! MOM Every non-Posh player.


It could have been eight. MOM Knight.


Time for a shake-up


Away form finally comes home. MOM At a push, Cornell.


Little quality, lacklustre. Coventry basics better. No-one MOM


Darragh stop saying trust the process.


Fergie out, Fergie out, Fergie out.


Lightweight, lacklustre, listless, lacking, lifeless, lost. MOM Josh Knight.


Maybe three local derbies next season! MOM: Knight.


We lacked discipline, desire and quality.


Going down going down going down.


Next 3 games are crucial for Darren.


Looked tired, tried but lacked quality. MOM -Ronnie Edwards.


Completely outclassed. Could have been 10. MOM Burrows.


Poor recruitment and Fergie is clueless.


Too slow, no leaders, no threat. MOM Josh Knight.


Cheapskate chairman will blame players again.


Poor man management, dressing room lost.


Goodbye Championship, not at the races! MOM Cornell.


Management change last throw of dice.


Players abysmal. Management worse. We’re down.

MOM Cornell, but even he was poor.


Can’t print what I’m thinking.


Coventry excellent, Posh pretty, but ineffective. MOM probably Cornell even though the first goal was a shocker that set the tone.


No heart, no desire, Fergie Out.

MOM: Difficult, but as he kept the score to 4, Cornell.


Not down, but that was awful. MOM Grant for the goal.


Desperately need a proper defence coach.


Lethargic, zero quality, Coventry were superb. MOM Knight.