Posh fans explain a damaging defeat at the hands of Gillingham: ‘couldn’t beat the press, poor set-pieces, didn’t tackle, midfielders sat too deep, didn’t look motivated’

Posh fans found much to criticise after a damaging home defeat at the hands of Steve Evans’ Gillingham at the Weston Homes Stadium last night (April 20).

By Alan Swann
Wednesday, 21st April 2021, 7:51 am
Gillingham defend a Posh corner. Photo: Joe Dent/theposh.com.
Gillingham defend a Posh corner. Photo: Joe Dent/theposh.com.

Posh co-owners Dr Jason Neale did however remind everyone that automatic promotion was still in Posh hands.

We asked Posh fans what wnt wrong last night. All replies to @PTAlanSwann on Twitter.

We lost on sporting merit. Congratulations to Gillingham We move on. Four games to play and everything in our hands.

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Harrison Burrows in action for Posh against Gillingham. Photo: David Lowndes.


Expected Steve would just give us the win, which was never gonna happen.


Couldn’t beat the press and lost the ball too often. MOM Thompson.


We didn’t score! MOM Joe Ward.


We had lots of corners and hardly pose any attacking threat from them! Beevers made too many poor decisions. JCH looks knackered, the centre midfield was poor. MOM Butler or Thompson.


Didn’t make tackles, Didn’t put any pressure on the ball. Didn’t pass well, Set piece delivery was dreadful. Looked like they were expecting to just turn up and win. Worrying sight that with such a prize at stake, but they didn’t look motivated enough to go for it. MOM Butler


Gillingham defended very well, credit to them, MOMM Butler, but tough to pick.


Slow start, conceded and never really recovered. Dembele chance was vital, tried to be too clever as always. Still 2 wins out of 4 will do.


Very poor start and never looked like the same team as weeks have gone on ... we stay positive.


Central midfield sat too deep allowing Gillingham to dictate the tempo first half. Lack of movement up front and poor finishing.


Steve Evans given much free access to Posh ground so moral is .... doing regular homework pays dividends boys and girls.


I think the disappointment is that deep down we know we should be 10pts clear. 7 is still healthy, but had it been 10 we would almost be there.


That was not Championship material on view last night!


Not much quality and too slow to make changes. I wouldn’t have started Brown and after his defending for their goalI would have subbed him there and then!


Dreadful tonight. Lacked urgency and any real invention. Still in a great position and be grateful we have Donny to play twice. Still in our own hands.


Big Steve’s boys done a job on us. Still in a great position. All to play for.


Not good enough last night, but bizarrely may be good enough over the season, but that reflects the division standard more than ours.