Peterborough United star Marcus Maddison: ‘A genius and a great entertainer, or an out-of-form player with a bad attitude’

Peterborough United star Marcus Maddison is a ‘genius’ to some Posh fans, to others he’s an out-of-form player with a bad attitude.

Tuesday, 14th January 2020, 11:30 am
Marcus Maddison in action

Charlton Athletic triggered the £2.5 million release clause in Maddison’s contract yesterday (January 13) and the 26 year-old is now in talks with the Championship club.

Maddison’s Posh contract expires at the end of this season when he could leave London Road for nothing.

Here are a selection of comments from fans as told to @PTAlanSwann on Twitter.

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‘I would love him to stay cause without him and Toney we have no quality.’


‘Considering his attitude when he’s supposed to be happy, I’d let him go now. He’ll make Lee Tomlin’s antics when the Celtic bid was rejected look like that of a model pro. We won’t get anywhere like the best out of him for the rest of the season.’


‘If a decent offer has been received it would make financial sense to let him go rather than get nothing at the end of the season. I do not like some of his antics, but overall hhe as been a great entertainer for us, good luck to him.’


‘If he wants to go then let him. He deserves to try the level above. Better now for a fee then for free in summer.’


‘Let him go and watch Charlton get relegated as we go up.’


‘I don’t care, but if they get £1m for him now, you can’t lose 75k a week on him from now until end of season.’


‘All depends on his state of mind. Would love him to stay, but not if he wants away. Need 100%ers for the run-in,’


‘Let him go, get what cash we can.’


‘Think he needs to go now for the very fact we will get money for him. He’s the most creative player and you can’t have your best players go for no fee at this level. Hopeful as a team we may gel better than relying on an individual.’


‘He is a genius in my mind. The dream is he stay, we get promoted. and Darragh MacAnthony works his magic in the summer. He becomes (more of) a Posh legend and I get to wear my Maddison11 shirt again next summer!’


‘He hasn’t improved us at all recently. There must be a reason why nobody came in for him before. Brilliant move for Posh to get rid now’