Peterborough United fans speak out after awful display: ‘The manager and the squad aren’t good enough at this level, spineless and boringly predictable, numb and expressionless, the next six games are key, it was abysmal, but don’t rip up the teamsheet on Saturday’

The PT didn’t have to ask for comments from Peterborough United fans after last night’s 4-0 Championship defeat at Blackburn Rovers (November 24).

Thursday, 25th November 2021, 10:05 am
Updated Thursday, 25th November 2021, 10:24 am
Posh players Nathan Thompson and Dan Butler after the 4-0 defeat at Blackburn. Photo: Joe Dent/

The sheer awfulness of the performance saw supporters reaching for the keyboard within minutes of the final whistle at Ewood Park and criticism was aimed at everyone, the chairman, the manager and his players.

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Fergie isn’t good enough to manage at this level. Give him a squad in League One that’s better than most others and he’ll motivate them to do well. When it’s the other way around in the Championship he’s clueless. Add poor summer recruitment and it’s obvious where we’ll end up.

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Jonson Clarke-Harris of Peterborough United in action with Bradley Johnson of Blackburn Rovers. Photo: Joe Dent/


My down by Xmas prediction before the start of the season wouldn’t have been far out, if it wasn’t for the points deductions.


We’ve had a tough run of fixtures with the last six all against teams with realistic promotion ambitions. The next six will tell us all we need to know - Barnsley, Forest, Millwall, Blackpool, Reading, Birmingham - a lot of mid-table stuff there. Three wins needed at least.

Siriki Dembele of Peterborough United in action against Blackburn Rovers. Photo: Joe Dent/


Pantomime season preparation going well at Peterborough United.


I want to know what they’re going to do to turn it around. What’s the recruitment process for this January? Because we need experienced leader, as we haven’t quite got any of those. We also need another striker, maybe 2.


Toothless (again) spineless (again) boringly predictable (again). I would hope @DMAC102 feels the exact same. Despite expectations these performances are not acceptable. Offensively we are numb and expressionless. Dare I say it we are missing a Marcus Maddison-type player. I honestly have no hope we score these days.


The talent is there for sure. The players look leggy and out of condition. Have to question the science.


Same players week in week out making the same mistakes. We insist on playing a formation which includes wingbacks yet let’s face it, we don’t have any wingbacks at the club.


It’s so obvious this formation (wingbacks) doesn’t work! Instead of trying to get a creative spark I’d rather we tighten up at the back and in midfield. Make it more difficult for these obviously better teams.


Brain dead away from home. People not marking, not challenging, no spirit. Crowd won’t allow that at home. Away, with fewer fans, is a different story. Hope the players offer to pay the away supporters costs.


Absolute no hopers. League 1 here we come. At least we have some decent players at that level to challenge for promotion to the next level for the another single season.


Boring to watch, no goal threat and terrible defensively which is the only given for a Posh team.


Lack of quality within squad.


How many times are we going to hear the same thing? The squad needs a shake up in January. Most of the back line are struggling with the pace and quality of the Championship.

Keep Thommo and Ronnie - make the rest available for transfer. Or am I being too harsh?


Posh were abysmal yesterday, but they shouldn’t rip up the team sheet for Saturday. We know this same group of players performs much better at home, and we really need the win. Not the time for experiments.