Peterborough United fans on playing out the rest of the season behind closed doors... ‘horrendous’, ‘a good idea’ and ‘weird’

Posh played Kingstonian behind closed doors in an FA Cup tie in 1991.Posh played Kingstonian behind closed doors in an FA Cup tie in 1991.
Posh played Kingstonian behind closed doors in an FA Cup tie in 1991. | EMPICS Sport
Peterborough United fans are just about supportive of a move to play out the rest of the season behind closed doors.

The EFL have suggested completing the season in 56 days upon resumption with no fans allowed into grounds. Posh still have nine League One matches to play and possibly three more in the play-offs.

In a snap poll tonight (April 9) the Peterborough Telegraph asked fans to choose between three options. They were a) good idea, let’s get on with it. b) Bad idea, but there is no alternative, c) Bad idea, don’t do it.

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Of those who responded 53.2% voted a) with 30.5% voting b) and 16.3% opting for c).

The EFL suggest training could resume in the middle of the May with a June start to fixtures.

The plan is subject to Government guidelines regarding the coronavirus crisis.

It’s thought fans would be able to watch the matches on live streams.

Comments as told to @PTAlanSwann on Twitter

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This just will be horrendous, although maybe the only viable option to allow completion. Biggest concern surely is the amount of clubs that could struggle to cope without fans through the gates until August at the earliest. Play-offs especially will be sad to see, atmospheres make them usually.’


‘Can’t see it happening.’


‘Hopefully they’ll be able to charge for watching a stream of it. It’s not perfect, but seems like the best of a series of bad options.’


‘Rather this than a voided season, let’s get it done.’


‘Sounds like a good idea, but can’t see players being match-fit on return if this season is to be completed. And will us season tickets holders get a refund?’


‘What if social distancing is still in place?’


‘The thought of Posh being in the play-off final with no fans would be a tough one.’


‘Probably as good a solution as could be hoped for.’


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‘Just get the games done and we can draw a line under this season with no questions in the air.’


‘Serious question, would they still play the play-off final at Wembley, in front of 0? Or just find a neutral ground between the two finalists? I guess logistically they’ll have to go for Wembley. That’ll be weird!’


‘Will it be on the big screen in O’Neills?’


‘Not great, but better than nothing I guess. Hopefully they make it so season ticket holders can watch at home.’


‘Can you see it happening? It would be carnage.’


‘I seem to remember season ticket holders will be able to stream the games through I follow if it’s behind closed doors. Would that still be the case?’