Have the lights gone out on Peterborough United’s survival chances? You’d think so judging by these fans’ comments: ‘The electrician was man of the match, two poor teams with no idea, all bark and no bite again, the first nail in the relegation coffin’

There was a bumper reaction from Peterborough United fans to yesterday’s 0-0 draw with Barnsley at the Weston Homes Stadium (November 27) - and virtually all of it negative.

Monday, 29th November 2021, 10:43 am
Fans in the stands use their phone torches after the floodlights go out midway through the second half in the game between Posh and Barnsley. Photo: Joe Dent/theposh.com

Here are a selection of comments to @PTAlanSwann on Twitter.

First time ever, went home early. MOM Ronnie Edwards.


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Siriki Dembele of Peterborough United in action with Claudio Gomes of Barnsley.

Dan Butler championship player? Hell no MOM the electrician who got the lights going again.


I think the match result about sums up the players’ scores, 2 points lost not 1 won.


Needed quality, brought on Szmodics. Why?


Awful performance, lacking quality, relegation bound.


Wing backs still not working. I could add a sixth word, but you wouldn’t be able to print it.

MOM: Whoever is responsible for the floodlights. Highlight of the match when they went out.


Excitement peaked when lights went out. MOM: emergency electrician.


Cold, poor, lights out - home time. MOM the crowd.


Couldn’t hit a barn door.


Cannot score for toffee, fact.


Two of the relegation destined teams. MOM - No standouts.


Things against us, prove fans wrong MoM Edwards.


Very boring and very very cold. MOM the fans for staying and watching it.


Fairly committed, but zero quality. MOM Edwards.


If we can’t beat Barnsley, well……MoM Dembele. Although not everything he did came off, he put in a good shift.


Uninspiring and abject against a poor side.


Tricky conditions, floodlight failure, no goals. MOM the stadium electrician for getting the match restarted!


50p in the meter, trust the process.


Very, Very, Very, Very, Very bad.

MOM: Edwards. Would have given it to Cornell if he could kick properly.

We’re all going on a league One tour! MOM: Edwards.


2 poor teams with no idea.


No creativity, little quality, awful watch. MOM Cornell.


All bark, no bite. Again. Edwards MoM.


Low power - story of the season.


Dull. Floodlights man of the match.


Players look worse than last year. Coaching? MOM Edwards.


Dominated, lacked cutting edge, needed win. MOM Edwards.


Selection gamble didn’t work, help needed. MOM - Edwards.


Edwards MOM.. Not brave enough going forward.


Toothless, uninspiring, dull, L1 is looming. MOM the Floodlights, should have kept them off.


First nail in the relegation coffin. MOM Dembele.