Peterborough Sports won't let 'idiots' in the crowd ruin a memorable day

Peterborough Sports won’t let ‘a few idiots in the crowd’ spoil a memorable day.

By Alan Swann
Monday, 2nd May 2022, 9:01 pm
Peterborough Sports manager Jimmy Dean
Peterborough Sports manager Jimmy Dean

The start second-half of the Southern Premier Division Central play-off final against Coalville at the Bee Arena was delayed for 30 minutes after a disturbance in a near 2000-strong crowd.

Police had to intervene as supporters clashed during the half-time interval and there were several ejections from the ground. Beer appeared to be thrown and flares were let off. Before the game it’s understood some ‘supporters’ scaled a fence to get into the ground for free.

After a discussion between the police and the match officials the players were sent back to the dressing room to allow the fans to calm down.

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But only after an appeal by popular Sports manager Jimmy Dean did the game re-start with the hosts going on to win 2-0 to secure promotion to the National Leagues.

Dean said: “It was a few idiots from Leicester and a few Peterborough idiots, we can’t get away from that, misbehaving. They ain’t worth two bob. We don’t want any part of that at this club and great work by the police for getting them out of the ground.

"We weren’t ready for this sort of crowd and the police did want to call the game off, but we weren’t having that and fair play to our chairman and vice chairman for working to make sure the game started again.

"I addressed the crowd because I’m a Peterborough man and they were my people. A lot of them know me and I hoped they would listen to me which they did.

"It wasn’a great look and we probably weren’t ready for a crowd of this size, but there’s no way it will spoil the day for us. The idiots had their bottoms smacked and were sent home."