In, out, clubs are shaking it all about

Stuart Wall (right) has signed for Yaxley.
Stuart Wall (right) has signed for Yaxley.
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Five local United Counties League clubs have signed 31 new players between them since the end of last season.

Peterborough Northern Star, Peterborough Sports and Holbeach United had signed seven apiece as of June 3.

Latest list of ins and outs:

Peterborough Northern Star: In: Luke Smith, Hayden Bream, Jacob Joyce, Craig Smith, Herbie Panting, Harry Fitzjohn, Danny Barker.

Out: Matt Porter, Luke Hunnings, Luke Avis, Jason Kilbride, Phil Stebbing, Sam Murphy Jordan MacLeod, Jonny Clay, Andy Law.

Peterborough Sports: In: Olly Medwynter, Mark Cox, Jimmy Dean, Jordan Macleod, Avelino Viera, David Cobb, Jack Bloodworth.

Out: Jon Stead.

Deeping Rangers: In: Matt Porter, Luke Avis, Luke Hunnings, Scott Coupland. Jack Marsden.

Yaxley: In: Stuart Wall, Jon Stead, Phil Stebbing, Deakan Napier, Callum Reed.

Out: David Cobb, Jacob Joyce, Casey Logan.

Holbeach: In: Jamie Stevens, Josh Ford, Kieron Davies, Jonny Clay, Andy Law, Chris Ward, Ricky Drury.

Out: Jamie Clarke.

Wisbech: Out: Josh Ford, Neal Spafford, Adam Millson, Lea Jordan, Matt Lunn.