Local referees should go on strike, Premier League officials should be demoted

Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock and some dozy officials.
Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock and some dozy officials.
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I’m not sure those in local football at league or county level have any real will to stamp out the intolerable treatment of officials.

Last weekend a 17 year-old referee reportedly abandoned a Peterborough League Division Five B match (the lower the standard, the worse the knowledge of the laws is a reliable guide to officials) because of the amount of abuse she was receiving from the players. It was a game between below average players and there was nothing on the match for either team.

Referee Craig Pawson annoys Cardiff City players.

Referee Craig Pawson annoys Cardiff City players.

Well done the ref for taking the appropriate action, but no doubt those responsible will again be punished in secret and no doubt there will be another game abandoned for similar reasons very soon because the punishments are obviously no deterrent.

Local referees should just withdraw their ser vices until firmer action is seen to be taken.

I have much less sympathy for officials in the professional game. They are supposed to be the best of the best. They are well paid. They are full-time and so it’s fair to expect a far better standard than we see at Posh’s level and at Premier League level.

Posh fans need no reminder of Craig Pawson’s dubious refereeing ability.

Pawson was the man who penalised Dwight Gayle’s fine tackle in the final stages of the 2012-13 Championship season at Crystal Palace which had dismal consequences for Posh. And he was at it again last weekend, ignoring two blatant penalties for a Cardiff side seemingly on course to beat Chelsea before his assistant delivered the worst non-offside decision of the season, obviously in the bigger club’s favour.

I continue to be amazed the top clubs are allowing VAR to arrive. They will be the ones to suffer unless those charged with reviewing video evidence are as starstruck by the bigger names as those currently making awful calls on the pitch.

I applaud Cardiff manager Neil Warnock for showing commendable restraint after a dozy set of officials sent his club closer to relegation.

I hope Pawson and his asssitants join him in the Championship next season.