FOOTBALL: Two facial fractures and a broken nose after player-boss is attacked by spectators

Rafal Komisarczyk
Rafal Komisarczyk
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A city-based footballer admits he is in a state of shock after being attacked by spectators during a Peterborough League Division Two match yesterday (December 19).

Rafal Komisarczyk (37) suffered two facial fractures and a broken nose in the alleged assault after 40 minutes of a game between Peterborough Polonia FC and Oakham United Reserves.

Komisarczyk is the player-manager of Polonia. He had just scored a goal to put his side 2-0 ahead when trouble flared.

The victim revealed his assailants were Polish and included a couple of his former players. Young referee Thomas Woolley promptly abandoned the game.

Komisarczyk, who has reported the incident to police, said: “A group of around 20 people turned up to watch the game soon after it had started. They were abusive and after a while they started throwing cans of beer on the pitch.

“The referee quite rightly stopped the game and decided we would have a 15-minute break to see if things calmed down, but as we were walking off the pitch, myself and a couple of my players were attacked. We were punched and I ended up with two fractures on my face and a broken nose.

“I am absolutely devasated. I was in a state of shock that something like this could happen at a local football match. I have been involved in local football in Peterborough for years and I coach kids. This is the sort of thing that cannot happen. All I want to do is to give 20 people a game of football every Saturday.

“I recognised a couple of the spectators as they used to play for us. They were all Polish people, but I didn’t know most of them.

“I told the referee we were in a public place and I couldn’t stop anyone coming to watch. To be fair to the referee he handled everything perfectly and I can only apologise to Oakham as they were obviously blameless.

“I don’t know if I want to carry on now. I have a meeting with Peterborough League officials tomorrow (December 21) when we can go through everything.

“It’s by far and away the worst thing I’ve ever experienced at a football match. I don’t expect to start the afternoon playing football and then finish it spending five hours in hospital.”

Oakham fixture secretary David Grieve tweeted: “Some guys came along and started causing problems for the home team...resulting in the Polonia manager being knocked out. It wasn’t nice to see there were some right idiots there. The Polonia team themselves were fine.”

Peterborough League officials will discuss the incident this week.