Findley's finest are all making the grade

Peterborough's former world karate champion Clifton Findley is clearly just as good at preaching what he used to practice.

Thursday, 28th September 2017, 9:51 am
Updated Wednesday, 4th October 2017, 3:46 pm
Thomas Gray proudly shows off his black belt certficate at his school assembly.

The Peterborough Freestyle Karate Club chief put 22 of his students through a recent grading examination and they all passed with flying colours.

Twenty of them were from the Copthill Independent Day School in Uffington and star of the show was young Thomas Gray.

He gained an outstanding A pass in his black belt test with a score of 68 and at eight years-old that made him the youngest black belt student in the club’s history.

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New black belts Vedant Gadkari and Jaymumaar Shah.

His brother Milo is also doing well. He passed his brown and white belt test and is only seven.

Both have been training since they were four years-old.

Copthill School results: Isabel Hurst, Ada Rose, Isabelle White, Remi Franklin, Harry Whalley, Marcus Hunter (all yellow belt), Oran Summers, Emilie Grain, Milo Edgar (all green belt), William Hurst, Euan Hunter (both blue belts), Harry Kinnear, James Hayes, Marcus Oliver (all brown belt), Elis Rubin-Thomas, Milo Gray, William Cole, Eliana Russo, Stan Halden (all brown & white belt) and Thomas Gray (black belt).

Two more of Findley’s students, both from Longthorpe Primary School, also attained their black belts recently.

New black belts Vedant Gadkari and Jaymumaar Shah.

Vedant Gadkari (9) and Jaymumaar Shah (10) scored 67 and 65 respectively for A Pass grades. They started training when they were five and six.